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Modelling on ITV This Morning

Monday 9 February 2015
This Morning ITV (20) 

Ever since I begain working, day time TV has become something of a distant memory. However last Tuesday I got to see daytime TV again... live... because I was on it.

Last week, I went on ITV's This Morning to model some clothes for the fashion section hosted by Gok Wan.

Needless to say I was bloody excited.

Now I couldn't really take my massive, hunking SLR as it was go go go from beginning to end, and everyone was mad rushed doing their jobs, so I couldn't stop and be like "can you just pose there a second". I did manage to sneak some photos on my iPhone though. So I thought I'd show you a little 'snapshot' from behind the scenes.

This Morning ITV (10)

The fashion segment isn't on till 12pm, however I had to be there at 7am sharp as it takes this long to put together the whole thing, so coffee and toast was needed in the green room. 

This Morning ITV (9)

I really wanted to steal the mug, but I thought that might jeopardise things. Best put the mug back.

This Morning ITV (6)

I was going to be appearing in the segment 'Gok's Real Women' - if you haven't seen This Morning, they feature a different trend every few days, and Gok styles a few high street outfit's to show how to work the trend. 

As the title hints at the models really are just you and me. I did think they would probably be from a agency somewhere that represented women of all shapes and sizes, but no, turns out they are just random's off the street, like me. 

This Morning ITV (7) This Morning ITV (4)

Now my boyfriend thinks my wardrobe is messy! Think again pal.

This is the fashion cupboard, where the magic happens. All the latest pieces from the high-street, in every size. A bit of a girls dream eh?

Today's look was a bit of a complicated one, well not the look itself, but what the look was supposed to be. Originally it was supposed to be sport luxe, and that's what Gok thought, but then when the show started, someone had scripted that it was called comfy casual's and perfect for 'the school run'. It became a bit hectic to try and re-work things, as I am guessing Gok had already planned outfits. 

We changed clothes so many times, being stripped, tops thrown over us, skirts hoisted up buy Gok and the two other stylists, Amber and Sophie. No this look was too plain, no this look didn't flatter the waist... back and forth, it was quite mad.

This Morning ITV (5) This Morning ITV (11)

In my dressing room with a few of the choices. None of these were used. It was like an endless supply of clothes.

This Morning ITV (12)
This Morning ITV (13)

Finally an outfit was chosen by Gok, so it was quickly off to hair and makeup.

This Morning ITV (14)

Oh to have this much makeup, and it be this neat. Mine is stuffed in a draw.

This Morning ITV (15)

I've always wondered about heated rollers. They looked so finicky and I thought they probably wouldn't work, but oh boy they did, as you'll soon see. Such volume on top. The ones used were the 
BaByliss 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Roller Set. I've put the link in case you want to check them out.

This Morning ITV (16)

Looking like a Liverpudlian on a Saturday day...

This Morning ITV (17)

After a little stroll around, letting the rollers set, it was back to makeup.

This Morning ITV (21)

Argh! Seriously back-combed!

Beauty is crazy! No wonder I can never seem to style my hair well- I don't do this to it. 

Now I know real models will complain and say it's hard being constantly styled all the time, as it is bad for your skin and hair, but I could get used to this. I felt really pampered. Plus I know nothing about makeup really so was interesting to see what others did to my face. 

Note to self, don't do my eyebrows to blunt.

This Morning ITV (1)

Ta da! The final look was complete with about 2 minutes to spare. 

My comfy casual look styled by Gok was Glamorous Boyfriend. An everyday look that will still turn heads.

I'm not a jeans person, I never wear them, except for popping to the corner shop on a Saturday morning, and usually I style that with a tatty hoodie and tired expression. However I loved these jeans, they are really comfy, and soft, and the frayed patches 'on trend' right now. As I'm writing this, I'm actually wearing the jumper, granted I'm only in the house, but I'd even wear this with a pencil skirt for a quirky/ formal look.

I'll list all the items further down.

Plus, as you can see, my hair turned out very well indeed. Roller's are going on my wish list. 

This Morning ITV (2) This Morning ITV (3)

And this is the man himself, Mr Gok Wan. 

I am pleased to tell you he is exactly as he is on screen. Friendly, bubbly, genuinely calls everyone hun, love, girl etc- there was a runner who came in the dressing room to give Gok a coffee, and Gok said "Thanks Girly" Love it!

He was very hands on, and also quite serious with his work. He made sure everything was perfect, changing bags, and shoes that too me looked fine, but apparently "The shape of the toe, shortens your leg". It was good to know that he did work behind the scenes as sometimes you wonder whether he just puts his name to things. 

However dashing from hair and makeup, there was a quick moment to get micked up, and soon we were being led to the set.

This Morning ITV (19)

The famed This Morning set. It is so much smaller is reality than I ever thought. This is it, plus the stage where I would be on, to the left of this picture.

This Morning ITV (18)

We were led behind one of the 'Walls' where the... editing... auto cue... I am actually not sure what they were doing, but it looked very technical. 

Only then did my nerves start to kick in a bit. What if I tripped, what if I stuttered. Would I do a Carrie Bradshaw?

The moment was here, walk out, look directly at the camera, smile and don't panic!

this morning2 heroineinheels this morning Untitled

Girlfriend fit jeans- M&S
19 Jumper- M&S
Pink Heels- Primark
Orange Stripe Clutch- New Look

My TV debut! I could feel my legs shaking, but luckily it didn't show on camera. I didn't stutter, and I even made a heel reference and laughed with Christine.

Annoyingly This Morning don't have an embed option to put the video on my blog, so instead here is the link to the fashion segment so you can watch it online. If anyone knows how to embed it though, please let me know.

unnamed (1)
This Morning ITV (8)

After all giving each other high fives as we exited the studio and back to the dressing rooms, we realised that was it. We had done it. 

It was soon time to head off back to our day job, although not before getting a car to take us there. One last moment feeling like a pampered celebrity. 

It was such a fun adventure and a unique experience. I am so pleased I got to experience it, as it's hardly an everyday occurrence. Let me know if you saw it, and what you thought of Gok's interpretation of comfy casual's. 

Who knows maybe I'm destined for the TV... ha, a girl can dream.

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  1. What an amazing experience! Loved this post
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  2. What a fantastic experience and you look gorgeous.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. What a fabulous experience! Great to hear what the programme is like behind the scenes, sounds eventful but good fun! You look gorgeous too girl!! xxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  4. That's so brilliant! It's good to know that they use 'real' people too rather than agencies. I had my makeup and hair done for me at Benefit the other week and I was really quite sad to have to take it all off, it is fun having it done for you!! xx p.s. that hair - wit woo!!

  5. Amazing! Congrats my love - you look great!

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  8. What a great experience!! I've always wanted to meet Gok too, so I'm glad his persona is 100% real!:) x


  9. I love to see behind the scenes, thank you so much for sharing these photos. It must have been quite an exciting experience and of course, you look fantastic.

  10. I think you did a fab job hun. You looked lovely and I love you outfit. I have to admit your hair is too different for me to get used to though! I think I prefer your normal hair. The whole day looks so much fun though and I'm so glad to hear that Gok is every bit the lovely person that we think he is though!

    Katie <3

  11. You were great, well done!

  12. Thanks for following me on Twitter, dear. I love finding fellow bloggers :)
    I don't watch TV, but it is... OMG... so amazing that you were in This Morning. It must have been absolutely exciting and amazing. So happy for you!!

    Do you want to support each other on Bloglovin as well? I'd love to.

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  13. Ever since I begain working, day time TV has become something of a distant memory. watching bbc abroad

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