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Spa Night at The Rosewood London

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Rosewood Hotel Spa (4)

My usual idea of after work activities consists of either eating or drinking. Dan, my boyfriend, often asks me what my hobbies are (he's very into having hobbies). I instantly reply back, blogging and eating and drinking. He questions the later two.

So in a bid to broaden my horizons, I popped down to Senses Spa in The Rosewood London's Hotel. Probably not the out of work activity Dan had in mind, but then I never did learn to listen well.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (5)

The Rosewood London is just the most glorious hotel in Holborn. Regal, elegant, yet everyone is super friendly there. I blogged about their restaurant- Holborn Dining Rooms- and bar- Scarfes- too as I do think this hotel is fabulous, and seeing as it is my 4th time visiting, I think you can tell its a big recommendation from me.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (3) Rosewood Hotel Spa (6) Rosewood Hotel Spa (7)

However frequent my visits, I had never been to their Spa before. Hidden in the depths of the lower ground floor, guarding the entrance are these thick heavy metal door, rather like a palace chamber I imagine.

Yet inside, is a calm, tranquil space. Light years away from the madness that is Holborn at rush hour.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (8)

After a few minutes to just sit and 'be' with a peppermint tea, it was time to enter the spa area.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (9) Rosewood Hotel Spa (2) Rosewood Hotel Spa (10)

Once you enter, you are led to the dressing area by a very peaceful woman who bows and does those gliding hand actions (I almost wanted to say Namasté, but I was scared she thought I was taking the mick).

I loved the little touches, including hairspray for use. They know what women want. 

Rosewood Hotel Spa (11) Rosewood Hotel Spa (12)

I had decided to go for a facial as I have to admit I am probably the worst at looking after my face. Bad Laura. 

So a little pre-facial selfie, and then it was time to change. 

Rosewood Hotel Spa (14) Rosewood Hotel Spa (15)

Outside waiting for me was my lovely beautician, who led me to one of the treatment rooms. I slipped off my robe and lay down on the oh so relaxing and heated bed.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (16)

Sense Spa use their own blend of oils and facial products, which you can also purchase there.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (17)

I'd never had a facial before, so I didn't know what to expect, but boy was it just so relaxing. The mixture of the warm towels, the long caressing strokes along my forehead, the feeling of the moisture just sinking in. I think I could get a bit addicted to facials.

My skin had that gorgeous tingly feeling afterwards that gave me a big smile all night long.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (1)

Time flew far too fast for my liking, but then there is no rush here, and you are encouraged to use their steam and sauna rooms, as well as the relaxation lounge.

Rosewood Hotel Spa (18)

Tea and lemon water free flow, but even better is you can order a few cheeky cocktails to be sent down. 

Cocktails, whist relaxing in a spa? Oh heaven. 

Rosewood Hotel Spa (19) IMG_0754

Spying a free bed, I lay down and closed my eyes. But don't worry, I put the time to good use- I thought of things I could do for that hobby. 

252 High Holborn,
WC1V 7EN, 
United Kingdom

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  1. Aha, my boyfriend says the EXACT same things about hobbies! He doesn't think eating counts either... This definitely looks like my kinda hobby though - such a beautiful spa!

    Etta x

  2. I love it at The Rosewood too! (In fact I got engaged there)! If you ever think about staying over, I did a post on that here :) http://www.stephstyle.com/an-overnight-stay-at-the-rosewood-london/
    Steph x

  3. Wow - this place looks amazing!

    Sarah x

  4. It was lovely to see you that night :)
    Lots of love,

  5. I saw this on Angie's blog and I'll say to you what I said to her.... I neeeed some spa time! And don't worry, my hobbies are pretty much the same as yours!

    Victoria x


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  7. It looks so quiet there! Like a hidden gem. Love cavernous basement spas!

    Can't wait to hear about your visit to Paris!!


  8. This looks so relaxing - I need a facial so badly. I could actually do with a full pampering weekend to try and get me looking slightly ok haha!

    Katie <3

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