The Making of Tinchy Stryder ft Fuse ODG- Imperfection VLOG

Monday, 16 February 2015

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My music taste usually consists of listening to Radio 1 and what whatever is in the Top 10 currently. I'm not really a music music person if I'm being completely honest. I love listening to music, but can't tell you much about it.

What I do love though is seeing how a product is made. How someone's creativity and thought pattern works to produce something.

Especially when that is a song about my friend.

My friend Helen who you will have seen on this blog many times, has been dating Tinchy Stryder for over 3 years. Where most boyfriends might buy their girlfriends chocolate or if you are lucky a really nice handbag, but not many can say they have a song wrote about them that is in the charts.

So of course it was only fitting that Helen star in the video herself. I mean no one can play the girlfriend like the girlfriend right? So being the good friend I am, I headed over to the music studio for moral support.

Bringing my camera I decided to vlog it to show you a cheeky behind the scenes look at Tinchy's new video. Enjoy.

Oh and don't forget to check out the offical video on YouTube!


  1. I look forward to watching this later tonight.

    Victoria x

  2. Can't wait to watch this after work. So exciting for Helen. Just waiting for Ben to write a song about me now...!

    Katie <3

  3. Wow the life you lead... glad you share it with us so we get all the skinny too! x


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