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Three Hungry Bears

Thursday 12 February 2015
Stokey Bears (12)

I remember last year when the burger craze was at its peak. That is all anyone ever wanted to eat for a time. Dirty burgers, posh burgers, unusual burgers, they were the latest craze for London.

Things have calmed down now, and my waistline can forgive me a little.

However after not having one for several months, I did start to miss those big, juicy patties.

So off I trotted to Stoke Newington to re-indulge in the good old burger.

Stokey Bears (10) Stokey Bears (11) Original Sin (1)

Stokey Bears is the pop up creation of the master of burgers Burger Bear. He has been voted several times, burger of the year, yet I've never actually had one of his fine creations, so it was high time I crossed that off the to-do list.

Stokey Bears is your typical diner-East London-esque kind of joint. Barrels and wood, and a funky wall art or two.

Original Sin (2)

Now, I must warn you at this point. If you are very hungry, and/or on a diet, this might cause you a bit of distress.

See I was meeting Gavin from I'm a Londoner for a catch up, and he brought along a friend and fellow foodie.

3 hungry foodies at a burger joint... we ordered everything.

Stokey Bears (23)

I did warn you.

We decided to order all 4 burgers (there is also a double stack and triple, but they are the same as the single so we didn't bother), the table sharing fries, and a range of side dishes.

Oh boy, what had we done?

Stokey Bears (19) Stokey Bears (16)

Let me walk you through this slowly.

The Grizzly Bear. A double stack cheese burger, with smoked bacon and Burger Bears famous bacon jam.

Stokey Bears (22) Stokey Bears (21)

The Angry Bear, a cheese burger pattie, helluvapino relish and The Rib Man's #HolyFuck hot sauce

Stokey Bears (20)

Not forgetting the veggies, there is the Koala Bear. Spiced bean burger, American cheese, avocado, salsa and lime yogurt.

Stokey Bears (17)

And finally the original cheese Burger Bear

Stokey Bears (15)

When you eat like this, you have to have some greasy sides. Giant onion rings and orange buffalo sauce chick wings do the trick. 

Stokey Bears (14) Stokey Bears (13)

With a table sharing plat of fries and some slaw we thought we were done.

Noting our huge order the waitress tried her luck by telling us about their new addition which hadn't made the menu yet. 

Deep fried mac and cheese balls. 

We ordered them too.

Stokey Bears (28)

Three Hungry Bears in a burger joint.

Stokey Bears (24)

The only problem with this much food is deciding where to start. Pretty touch decision.

Stokey Bears (25) Stokey Bears (26)

Not waiting for Gavin, I dived right in.

If you go, please do ask the waitress for the deep fried Mac and Cheese. They were bloody delicious.

Stokey Bears (1) Stokey Bears (2)

Following suit, everyone got stuck in, and a face covered in grease.

Stokey Bears (7) Stokey Bears (4) Stokey Bears (8) Stokey Bears (9) Stokey Bears (5)

The Grizzly Bear is my favourite, so much flavour in one giant stack. Plus bacon jam- winning.

The rest are nice don't get me wrong, you will feel satisfied, but they are not the best burgers I've had in London, but definitely worth a visit if you are in the East. Although that mac and cheese I'd travel for.

I'd avoid the wine, it wasn't great, but trust me, you don't want to waste your money on booze with  your burgers because downstairs is a whole different ball game for booze.

So feeling 20lbs heavier, we made our way down the stairs to something rather special.

Original Sin (3)

If you are into your drink, then you should know Happiness Forgets in Hoxton. Last year it found a place in the top 12 bars of the whole world! If that isn't impressive, I don't know what.

So on the back of this success, they have opened a little sister bar called Original Sin, underneath Stokey Bears.

Original Sin (5)

A basement speakeasy, filled with every type of spirit you could want, but what caught my eye is the wicked pool table in the corner.

This is a place for people who love great drinks, but also great times.

Original Sin (4) Original Sin (9) Original Sin (7)

You won't find airy-fairy fruity drinks here. The drinks here are for those who know a thing or two about alcohol. Delicious, hard, and surprising strong, as my boyfriend will confirm when I arrived home a little tipsy.

Original Sin (8)

I'm afraid I can't remember what I drank, and they don't publish a menu online as it changes frequently, but the bar staff here know what they are talking about, so you'll find something to suit you.

Original Sin (11)

The cocktails really are fabulous from here and the atmosphere is just so relaxed yet a little refined. So even if you don't fancy gorging on a burger, make sure you pop down into the basement, won't you?

Original Sin, and Stokey Bears
129 Stoke Newington High St,
N16 0PH

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  1. Laura how do you find these awesome places?! And how are you not obese?! It's not fair! Haha. Love your blog as always xxxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. My boyfriend is an absolute burger fiend and this looks right up his street, I might take him there for a little valentines day treat looks awesome.


  3. This looks lovely! You ordered soo much food! :)


  4. THOSE MAC AND CHEESE BALLS! They look heavenly!

  5. I love how there's so much food on the table you guys are forced to sit so far apart from each other!!

    Looks like such good food, and the cocktails at the bar look incredible. Must go and try it!

    Katie <3

  6. Oh my, this seriously made my stomach rumble, the food looks incredible. Those mad and cheese balls look heavenly!x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  7. OH my gosh I'm such a burger fiend - I might just have to make a little trip east for this one. Also a big lover of cocktails. What a combination!

    Lauren xx

    PS if you're a mac n cheese fan - recipe on my blog today that you might fall in love with!

  8. Those burgers. THOSE BURGERS THOUGHT.

    And the deep fried mac and cheese.

    Oh God. Reading this at 4 o'clock in the afternoon was a rookie error of epic proportions...

    This is going on my list of places to go!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog