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Duck and Dry and Drink

Wednesday 11 March 2015
Duck and Dry (9)

Now, I don't know a lot about beauty. I use the same products every day, and wear the same beige make up all year round (Something which I really need to work on- advice in comments gladly welcomed). However, one thing I do love spending my time on is my hair- not not everyday, as who has time for that- but when an occasion presents itself, a blow dry is my go to thing.

I'd been using Hershesons blow dry bars for a while now, and whilst I had no technical quarms, they are very clinical. In, out, no messing. So when an invitation arrived asking if I'd like to try out Chelsea's new blow dry bar, I was straight down to Kings Road, faster than a sloaney on a pony.

Duck and Dry (8)

Duck and Dry is beautiful inside. There's no two ways about it. From the elegant furnishings, to the fresh cut flowers, right through to the comfy chill out areas. A far cry from clinical.

Duck and Dry (6)

But best of all? They have their very own bar- yes serving alcohol.

Clients are encouraged to take their time, and relax before or after their appointment. It feels as much a social space as it does a hair salon.

Duck and Dry (10)
Duck and Dry (4)
Duck and Dry (12)

What makes a blow dry bar different to a hairdressers, is they only blow dry hair and don't cut it or colour it.

It's a little like clothes shopping- there are 16 blow drys and hair-up styles to choose from. Just tell your stylist and let them do the rest.

Duck and Dry (13)
Duck and Dry (14)

As a blow dry involves washing the hair, I'd left my hair to dry naturally the night before, as as you can see my hair is not naturally straight, so I wasn't going to battle with the straighteners, only for it to be washed again.

As you can see, I wasn't blessed by the hair God's naturally, so a little helping hand was in order.

Duck and Dry (15)
Duck and Dry (16)
Duck and Dry (18)

Having such thick hair meant two people were needed to blow dry it- and this is why I can't do it myself.

Duck and Dry (17)
Duck and Dry (20)
Duck and Dry (19)
Duck and Dry (21)

Ta da! Professional blow died hair in a little over half an hour.

Duck and Dry (3)
Duck and Dry (1)

Big, bouncy, blow dried hair. If their is one beauty regime I think is worth doing, it's looking after my hair.

Duck and Dry (7)

Duck and Dry really are the sweetest blow dry bar I've been too. It's now my go-to bar, already having returned. Insanely friendly, not trying to rush you away, infact I ended up chatting and drinking way after my hair was finished, making me a little late for a date at Somerset House.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (1)

I don't pretend to be a fashion blogger, I don't know how to dress fashionably according to the magazines, but I do like fashion, and clothes and style. To me, anyone should be able to dress up, and not feel intimidated by the fashion community.

Fashion Week feels a little like that. A bit competitive and slightly non welcoming to those not in the fashion inner circles. 

So thinking Fashion Weekend, the public version, might be more relaxed, I headed on down with fellow blogger Katie from Kalanchoe. 

Radio Bar ME Hotel (2)

Studded Jacket- Mango
Skirt- House of CB
Body- ASOS
Clutch- ASOS
Boots- Carvela
Ruined hair- British Weather

Radio Bar ME Hotel (3)
Radio Bar ME Hotel (4)
Radio Bar ME Hotel (5)

Now I'll be completely honest with you. Me and Katie didn't like Fashion Weekend. We had Bronze tickets, which it seems unless you have the high priced ones, you only get entry into the grounds and access to the clothing sale, which to be honest I wasn't bothered about shopping. 

I'm very grateful to George at Asda for sending me them, however with not much to do, we swiftly left and decided not to waste a good old catch up.

We didn't travel far though. Across the road is the much celebrated Radio Bar in the ME Hotel. I think that will do nicely. 

Radio Bar ME Hotel (18) Radio Bar ME Hotel (19)

Situated on the top floor, it lets this be known to patrons with an arty glass wall and a plummeting view into reception.

Perched on a high chair, it was rather unnerving at times. One small slip, and I had visions of landing on hotel guests.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (16) Radio Bar ME Hotel (17)

If you can get over the dramatic views, the cocktails are worth it.

Sweet, fruity, and yes, sorry guys, rather girlie, they are the perfect Saturday afternoon catch up sort.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (6)
Radio Bar ME Hotel (7)
Radio Bar ME Hotel (13)

Having been up and about since early that morning, it only occurred to me that I hadn't eaten- all this fashion and beauty talk had made me forget my roots!

Radio Bar do tapas nibbles, so order a few and get stuck in- a non fashion term.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (8)

Mini sliders.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (11)

Spanish cheese selection.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (10)

Ham and cheese melt croquettes which were fab.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (9)

Chili potatoes

Radio Bar ME Hotel (12)

A sure fine way to get the energy levels back up.

Radio Bar ME Hotel (14) Radio Bar ME Hotel (15)

With a few more cocktails under our belt, we made up for the lack of excitement of Fashion Weekend. Plus when the sun went down, the roof top terrace offers some magnificent views all across London.

I think that was worth getting my hair done for.

Duck and Dry
335 - 337 KING'S ROAD

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  1. I love the look of the blow dry bar, I wasn't blessed with naturally silky and perfect hair either...blow dries are practically a necessity! You and Katie both look gorgeous, shame about fashion week but I love Radio bar!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  2. the hairdressers looks so perfect oh my gosh, I think I've fallen in love just through your pictures! It looks so relaxing and lovely, may have to try and go there sometime! Also can I just say how much I love your outfit in this?! You look so lovely.


  3. Your hair looks fabulous! I know what you mean about Hershesons. They're great when you want to be in and out but it does feel clinical at times.

    Victoria x

  4. I love Duck & Dry, went there last week & had the same girl as you! You don't know what her name is, do you? Literally the best blow dry I've had!

    As a little tip for keeping your curls for longer - I try to go early in the day and ask them to leave the pins in for me which I then take out at home. They are more than happy to do this and it makes the curls hold for longer and gives them more bounce! You just look abit odd walking around like that!


  5. First of all, I LOVE the idea of a blow dry salon that is specifically for blow dries! I've often had disappointing/uncreative blow dries by hair dressers who clearly are much more invested in a cut and colour (fair enough) than that final (and oh so important) piece to the puzzle! Second of all, they did an AMAZING job on your hair! It looks fantastic. I definitely need to give these guys a look in when I make my next trip back to the UK!

  6. You look gorge! Definitely going to check out Duck & Dry xx

  7. Wow that blow dry salon looks amazing, I'll have to check it out! And of course you look stunning too. x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  8. Firstly, great shoes.
    Secondly, I've walked past Duck and Dry a million times and never stopped in, I've no idea why, hair is totally my thing too and they've done a brilliant job on yours... off to make a reservation, thanks for giving me a nudge.

  9. That blow dry is stunning - I really love the shape they put in and it's so nice and bouncy! I had a blow out at the Benefit Boutique a few weeks ago whilst in London and I so wish there was something like that where I live.... although I'd probably bankrupt myself if there was one close by so haha!

  10. I'm not hair aficionado by any means (even had to spellcheck that...) but it's a pretty cool look. Great to see an unexpected but familiar face at the end of the post- I could have almost made it onto the blog if I wasn't being so healthy and boring!

    Ben | www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com

  11. you hair looked great i do like a good blow-dry thing of the past since i had my children. the cocktails look delicious!