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Fast Cars and Heavy Rain in Paris

Wednesday 4 March 2015
Le Barbe A Papa (11)

Everyone imagines Paris to be this glorious, romantic city of eternal sunshine and warm weather.

I dreamed that too. Sadly it wasn't quite the case. The heavens opened, it was truly lashing it down, the wind was fierce and that bitter, icy kind. Frankly, we didn't fancy trudging it to see some monument right now.

So using my trusty notes from Lisa, the only logical thing to do was go eat.

Le Barbe A Papa (1)

I settled on Le Barbe A Papa, a small cafe/ restaurant with a very quirky interior.

Once it was a barber shop, you know the type in the movies, the old Parisian men chatting more than cutting hair. Well now a place to eat, the owners had decided to honor its past, by creating a barber shop themed restaurant.

Odd collections of vintage bottles, barbers tools, scissors and brushes were dotted about on rickety shelves.

Le Barbe A Papa (12)
Le Barbe A Papa (13)
Le Barbe A Papa (10)

The cool vintage wears mixed with classic French bistro tables and chairs worked well giving the place a bit of an East London vibe.

Le Barbe A Papa (8)

My favorite thing had to be the odd barbers chair for a dining chair.

Le Barbe A Papa (2)
Le Barbe A Papa

Not speaking French myself I had to have the menu translated, however it contains classic bistro dishes. Roast Chicken, Pie, Steak, Burgers, Salad and so on.

Le Barbe A Papa (7)

Although we were pretty distracted by the razor handles fashioned into the knives.

Le Barbe A Papa (6) Le Barbe A Papa (3)

Knives were simply forgotten though when the food arrived.

Just look at that burger- that cheese, No words.

Le Barbe A Papa (4)

I think it truly deserved a close up. Especially that glorious oozing cheese melt.

Le Barbe A Papa (5)

Regrettably I'd gone for the roast chicken and potato hash. Now don't get me wrong, it was delicious and the chicken was extremely tender, but I just couldn't help feeling jealous of that burger.

No chicken could compete with that utter burger filth.

Both dishes were great, and the waiter was more than happy to help a couple of bumbling tourists.

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (21)

Which was probably highlighted by my new charm and bracelet Joshua James Jewelers sent to me for my trip.

I love a solid way to preserve memories, and this was just perfect.

Paris Rain

Hoping the rain would have eased during our lunch, we were sadly mistaken. Whilst you can not tell from the picture too well, it was lashing it down.

We were at a bit of a loss what to do, made worse that I seemed to pick up a foot injury along the way and started to hobble. 

Already at the bottom of the Champs Elysees we decided to check out one of the worlds most famous shopping districts. 

Not really too bothered about popping into Zara and Nike as I could do that at home, I was a bit disheartened. Until Dan dragged me into something I haven't seen here in London.

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (15)

Every so often there were big, giant shops for cars. Nestled among H&M and Starbucks were these sort of hybrid showroom, information museum for a different brand of car.

They weren't trying to sell anything to you, there were no lurky salesmen, just a few cars on display and information stands giving history's, engine specifications and upcoming developments.  

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (16)

Being someone who builds his own cars, Dan was of course in work mode by the engine model at the Renault shop.

Apparently he was comparing it to his own current project and getting ideas. I just nodded... smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (19) Car Showroom Champs Elysees (17) Car Showroom Champs Elysees (18) Car Showroom Champs Elysees (20)

I didn't get a picture upstairs as the waitress was giving my dirty looks, but the Renault shop as a fantastic champagne bar on the second floor, so there is even something for us girls who don't care about engine parts. Win Win I say. 

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (14)

Of course, it was like opening Pandora's box with Dan. Once we discovered these car shops, we had to visit more and more. 

The Mercedes shop went for a dark, techno-esque vibe, with flashy rally and F1 cars. 

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (25) Car Showroom Champs Elysees (22)

They did have a lot more cars on display, almost like a museum, so for me who knows zero about cars, it was still quite nice to just wander around a visually soak up everything... and also how much some people went all fan boy over some of the cars. Seriously, I'll never get men and their cars. 

Car Showroom Champs Elysees (23)

However whilst Citroen was probably the least visually interesting shop, oh boy was it the most fun.

Forget the car history, and inner workings of an exhaust, Citroen had their shop down to a tee.


A fully working helta-skelta to get down from the 5th floor to the ground. Fan girl moment here!

A video posted by Laura (@laurajhyatt) on

As you can tell from my insane laugh, it was an absolute hoot! Who knew such a thing existed. Come on London, ditch the lifts and get slides! Can you imagine Harrods installing such a thing?

So whilst the rain continued to pour for the entire day, all was not lost, instead we just discovered something unusual and unique to do when it rains in Paris.

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  1. Perfect rainy Parisian fun!

  2. I love the barber shop restaurant, what a fab discovery!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  3. This restaurant looks amazing! Definitely on my to do list for when I go to Paris next! Determined to make it there this year since I live so close by.

    Lauren xx

  4. The barber shop restaurant looks incredible. Definitely going to find that one when we're next in Paris. I love the slide in the car shop too. That's just genius!

    Katie <3

  5. Woah I've never seen such a filthy burger before! Enjoying reading your French adventures, hope there's lots more to come! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

  6. Such a great idea for a restaurant , the burger looks superb especially the gooey cheese Lucy x

  7. That burger.. I don't need a huge thunderstorm to be caught indoors eating one of those! Food in France is just too amazing to miss out on and I'm really jealous of your trip!