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Food Spots for City Workers

Saturday 14 March 2015
OpenTable (15)

By night I write this blog, but by day I work at one of the worlds largest Investment Banks. I recently went for a new job opening within my bank; going from a Technology Analyst to a Finance Analyst and with it comes a lot more responsibility and work.

Like all you hard working people will know, sometimes you just don't have time to eat well. Today I had both breakfast and lunch at my desk. Fun.

But those days when you have time, or a a client to impress, you want to eat out and eat well. In partnership with OpenTable- the real-time restaurant-reservation service with over 31,000 restaurants in system- I have put together the perfect restaurants for the 3 City worker meals.

The Wolseley- Breakfast

OpenTable (16)

Technically in neither The City or Canary Wharf, however The Wolseley is located at Green Park where a lot of our clients are based, so breakfast needs to be close by in the morning. 

If you have a big day ahead and need to impress that hard ass client, you'll want a fulfilling breakfast and also some time to relax and get you head in the game.

The Wolseley is practically a London institution. As soon as you enter, the grandeur hits you. Majestic, refined, yet it's actually very relaxed and the perfect place to get your papers together and chill for a while.

The full English is good, but the French Toast is special. Bacon and maple syrup are sure to make any day go well.

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However if you can manage without your coffee fix, get the hot chocolate. Whilst not as good as the stuff I'd been having in Paris, it's definitely a goodun. Well when is liquid chocolate not?


One Canada Square- Lunch

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I work in Canary Wharf which if I'm being honest, if quite a soulless area. Most things are chains, and everyone is in a rush. It lacks the vibe of The City.

However their are a few golden nuggets and One Canada Square is one. Located in the lobby of the iconic tower, it is owned by the award-winning ETM Group, with a stylish 1920s-inspired interior, its a great rat race escape.

OpenTable (13)
OpenTable (6)

Drinking on the job is a risky business, so luckily One Canada Square do some mean fresh juices and smoothies but still with a kick to perk you up for the afternoon.

OpenTable (5)
OpenTable (8)

I'd recommend sharing the white bait between the table, and then having either the Lobster and fries or any of the steaks.

OpenTable (9)

The steaks are humongous! Although if you want a smaller and cheaper lunch option, they do a great 'Steak frites' for £18.

OpenTable (10)
OpenTable (11)

My steak really was delicious and tender and definitely perked up my work day.

The restaurant was quite quiet, but I'm guessing that is because alot of Canary Wharf worker eat at their desks, but that in itself is its beauty- peace.

OpenTable (12)

Core- After work drinks

Core Bar London (20)

Best time of the working day? Home time of course. Or should I say leaving the office time, because there is no going home. No, no, if City workers are known for one thing it is after work drinks.

There are many pretentious 'Banker' bars, but sometimes all I want is some fun. No airs, no idiots. Just good times with friends.

Core Bar London (8)

Core Bar is a quirky City bar. The old saying work hard, play hard is defiantly driven into the souls of City folk. Once everyone clocks off. it serious down time o'clock. And if that includes a little childish fun, well why the hell not eh?

Core Bar London (21)

And a few not so childish shots too.

Core Bar London (2)

So next time your at work and feel yourself reaching for the packet porridge or the canteen pizza, try sometime outside of your office.

Have a gander on OpenTable, you never know what you'll find.

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  1. Great photos!!! My mouth is watering OMG. Have a great weekend honey...hope you can come by and visit sometime! Kori xoxo


  2. Fruit loops in a cocktail? Yes please!!

  3. breakfast at your desk? thats not ok!!! unless it was at 11am in which case fine! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/venice-visits.html

  4. We had great meal here, the food was soft and amazing. The whole dish was great! My friends got Mushroom Risotto with Shrimp, and their daily special of some kind of steak. Overall, everything at Boston restaurants was delicious.