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Chocolate In The Hotel Kitchen

Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter is right around the corner. I should know, I'm currently writing this with a Lindt bunny in hand (or mouth I should say).

Easter has become synonymous with Chocolate and more specifically Eggs.

Now whilst the ultimate chocolate heaven is Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, a 5 star hotels kitchen comes a close second. Welcome to behind the scenes of Hotel Cafe Royal.

An absolute foodies dream. Endless food creations are made every minute here. 

So it was hardly a surprise to find out they have their own chocolate room!

Gallon's upon gallon's of the finest melted chocolate in every corner and shelf.

Oh how I wanted to just stick my face in that vat.

But bath in chocolate I was not here for. 

No, I was here to learn the art of making Easter Eggs. 

Andy Blas, the head pastry chef, was to teach a group of us how to make the hotels signature eggs. A little daunting as I'm not known for me fine hand. I'm more the girl who drops and smashes things, so delicate egg shells might be a challenge.

Although seeing a black and decker tool brought comfort. Nothing delicate about a power tool!

So we set to work. To make a really shiny egg, first you must polish the mold with cotton wool really well to remove any impurities. 

Whilst I was doing my utmost to be delicate, a cheeky choctail was slid over to me. Probably not going to help, but seriously delicious. 

Its from Cafe Royal's Easter range. Vodka infused chocolate with raspberry foam. Seriously, its like drinking chocolate- just an adult version. 

Every single thing in the hotel that uses chocolate is extra special. Not only is it just seriously delicious, but it is also made using the hotel's own chocolate. That's right, the hotel have their own exclusive bean to bar, which is found no where else.

Eager to work with the chocolate, we got stuck into the next part. 

Decorating. This year, the hotel has gone for an abstract art pattern, using coloured chocolate. 

This part isn't so delicate. Using fingers, paint brushes, why even tooth brushes to create abstract designs. 

It was starting to look more like an artists workshop than a kitchen.

Da dah! My final design. I went for a sort of flower/ peacock design. Yes aka random.

Finally we were onto the good part.

All hail the chocolate.

God, I can't get enough of it.

We were told to ladle in the chocolate, swirl it round, the quickly tip out the excess, leaving a domed shell.

It looked easy. Always does, doesn't it?

I think you can tell by mine and the chef behind me's faces that it was not easy. 

Let's just say chocolate went everywhere!

I was the only one who got it on their hands. 

What a surprise!

My finished egg then went into the super cold fridge to set.

A little while later they were done. 

Like kids, we were excited to find out the Hotel fills theirs with sweets, so in went a vast amount on my part.

Finally with a little melted chocolate on the edges, the two halves were brought together in perfect harmony. 

My creation was brought to life! I was pretty proud of that master piece.

Plus even more so when mine was deemed the best design of the night. How on earth did that happen I'll never know! Or maybe that's my secret talent. Got any jobs going Andy?

The hotel is selling their (proffessional) eggs in the Cafe section for a bargain £7, so grab one, or three before they fly off the shelves.

Café Royal Hotel
8-10 Air Street,


  1. Damn your stunning pictures! I want chocolate now.

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade­­

  2. Oh this looks so much fun, and what a dream to be able to get a 'how to' in the chef's kitchen. Great photos too! x

  3. looks like fun!
    how did you wangle getting to do that?? x

  4. It looks so beautiful! This literally looks like the best event ever!! Love that they filled the halves with sweets too!

    Katie <3

  5. Urmmmmm this is my idea of ACTUAL HEAVEN! Check out your egg - I want one! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions