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Juliet's Garden

Monday 20 April 2015

Scilly isn't really a place for foodies. I mean, I am not saying the food is bad, no no, there are some really nice little seaside cafes serving freshly baked bread, and there is of course the amazing fresh caught crab, but everything is very homely, so don't expect to find fine dinning, fancy arty restaurants. 

However there is one restaurant that stands out from the rest, and that is the award winning Juliet's Garden on St Mary's.

Opened 32 years ago, the restaurant was very different and operated out of a small barn. What it did have going for it was a passionate owner, and incredible views.

Like seriously incredible views.

Juliet's Garden is perched up high on a cliff, with a big terrace over looking Hugh Town and the bay. 

Luckily when I went, it was glorious sunshine, with clear skies. I mean that view is just beautiful. Who could resist sitting here for a spot of seaside lunch on a glorious day?

But I wasn't here for a casual lunch. No I was here for their more formal yet relaxed dinner as I'd been told it was the best place on the Island. Bold words.

Whilst the last couple of posts have shown a very slow paced, remote trip, for all those wondering, yes you can still get a good cocktail on Scilly... well at Juliet's Garden at least. 

I'd been invited to come try head chef Andrew O'Connor's menu, which was a mixture of Scilly flavors, classics and the odd Irish influence from his roots. 

I started with crab coquette and fried oyster.

The croquette was wonderfully crisp on the outside, and just lovely and light and flaky on the inside. I loved the texture of the oyster being fried. 

It certainly got my taste buds going. 

Next was a good classic charcuterie board which comes with a selection of award winning cured meats, a rich tangy olive tapenade, and the most amazing bread which I'll tell you about in a minute. It's fantastic.

So this bread I mentioned? So light, yet a slight... cakey texture?... if you've ever had banana bread, you'll understand. 

Anyways whatever texture it was it was bloomin' delightful. Honestly it was delicious and moreish, made even better by smoked butter. Yes, smoked butter! I don't even know what that means but it was good. 

Is there a better sight to be held? I think not

Although fresh scallops could give it a run for it's money. 

I'm not sure the pictures quite show its scale properly, but it was huge. So plump and juicy. 

This is what coming to Scilly is about- the seafood. 

Scallops, oysters and an incredible view of the sunset from my table. 

There is something rather romantic and peaceful about Scilly. Almost serene. 

Now you may have thought that all that food was quite enough, but oh no, there was more. 28 day aged 10oz Cornish ribeye with blue cheese. Oh and when I say blue cheese, I don't mean a thin sauce, I mean chunks of tangy cheese piled on high. Now that's my kind of combo.

Just perfect.

As you can probably gather, I love this place. Juliet's Garden does amazing food with such incredible staff. Honestly, so friendly and when I popped back the next day for lunch, they recognised me and said hi. 

So whilst I was already popping that top button, I couldn't resist dessert as I just wanted to carry on sitting there at my window seat, overlooking the harbour as night fell. 

Although when it's an award winning chocolate and hazelnut pot with orange and polenta biscuits, accompanied with a big glass of red, it doesn't take much to persuade me. 

From the bottom of my heart I just love this place. From the incredible food, to the staff, to the views. It's just fantastic. The kind of place you feel right at home at.

I've already told my parent's they have to go for their wedding anniversary. What they don't know is they might get an unwanted tag along, as I will be going back!

Juliet's Garden
St Mary’s, 
Isles of Scilly, 
TR21 0NF

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  1. Beautiful views and delicious food - you can't really ask for much more!

  2. what a beautiful place, food looks yummy

  3. This place looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  4. This looks so yummy! Not too into seafood but that steak and them desserts look delicious! :)