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Seal Snorkeling in Scilly

Wednesday 22 April 2015

My final day on the Isles of Scilly had arrived. I had loved every moment of these enchanting islands. There is something quintessentially British there and yet something rather foreign too.

I wanted to leave with a bang- make the most of my time, and do something special to Scilly.

So that is how I found myself on a small rubber speed boat heading to St Martin's island to snorkel with seals.

I had never done anything like this before and to be quite honest, I was a little nervous as I had been told the seals were extremely friendly and come right up to you.

Now I've never seen a seal in real life before, but they look rather massive and heavy on TV?

But I've decided this year, I want to do more things, see the world and just have adventures. Do things out of my comfort zone, and live a little.

I don't know where my life's going to go, and so I just want to be able to say I had a blast.

We arrived at the Scilly Seal Snorkeling hut on St Martin's and told to put on a full wet suit and get ready to go.

How bloomin' difficult is putting on a wet suit? Jesus Christ it took me forever, I swear it was never going to fit me. I was worn out by the time 3 of us had managed to hoist it over my boobs.

Looking oh so sexy eh?

So all suited up, there was only one thing left to do. Back in the boat and around to the rocky deserted part of the island to find us some seals.

Now sadly I couldn't take my camera with me as on a tiny little speed boat it would have got soaked and utterly ruined. Nor did I have an underwater camera.

However luckily the official photographer emailed me some, so all credit for the seal photographs goes to Tim Allsop.

Getting into the sea was utterly freezing, and a very strange experience. The waves were powerful and it made it hard to try and swim.

I won't lie, at first I was a little panicky, however once your in for a while, you start to find a natural bob and rhythm.

It's then that once you start relaxing that the seals start to come to you, and what an sight that is

They are almost like dogs. Playful, curious and actually rather cute. It still freaked me out when I turned around and one was right behind me staring! 

It really was an amazing experience. To say I swam with seals is pretty cool.

Plus I was proud of myself, doing something out of my comfort zone.

It really was a great way to finish my Scilly adventure off.

Once we got back to dry land and warmed up with mugs of lemon tea and kit kats, I decided to go explore St Martin's briefly before I had to catch my flight.

St Martin's is the second largest island of Scilly, but it is still very remote, although of course utterly breathtaking.

My belly was growling at me, reminding me it was feeding time. I wandered a bit, but I couldn't seem to find anything remotely cafe like- barely house like!

But then after what felt like a rather long time, I found a sign that said a bakery of up ahead. Ahhh fresh baked goods is what my heart desires!

Cute as a button, the little bakery serves the whole island, and a few others too.

It's astonishing how the locals band together and use single services. I rather like it.

Technically Scilly is part of the Cornwall district, so I couldn't not have an authentic Cornish pasty.

Not a bad day for a picnic eh?

Heading back onto the road after a re-fuel, I just had to stop and photograph the post office and only store on the island. It's barely more than a shed. It still astounds me.

The island stretches for miles with little civilized life to spoil the views.

Seriously though, this could really be some far flung destination couldn't it?

White, pure beaches and palm trees. St Martin's did feel more like some Mediterranean escape than a island 15 minutes from England.

Now that could be Italy or Spain.

Arriving at the pier, it was time to hop on the bat back to St Mary's and catch my flight home.

I just can not believe how beautiful, magical and serene Scilly really is. It blew all my expectations clean out of the water.

It's crazy to think how tropical and unique the landscape is here and yet so close to home. Scilly is just wonderful and I encourage you all to go. You'll really be taken by surprise.

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  1. OMG those under pictures are amazing! How cool that you got to swim with seals.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  2. SO glad you had such a good time!! You're so brave for seal swimming in April - SO COLD!! We've done it but not outside of summer... they're so adorable. Even when we don't swim with them we always go say hi on the boat and watch them flop about on the rocks :)

    Rosie xx

  3. Oh my god, those seals!! So adorable! I've never heard of the island before, but it looks stunning x

  4. What a once in a lifetime experience! Takes me ages to put on a wet suit too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. Loved this blog Laura! Would absolutely LOVE to snorkel with seals :)

  6. Wow what a fun thing to do! You got some amazing pictures, the seals are such cuties :)