Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (8)

What do you do when you need the advice and chat of a friend?

Head to a bar? Maybe, but luckily I wasn't drowning my sorrows, so instead me and Katie popped down to St James' for afternoon tea at the elegant yet chilled Conrad.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (10)

But before you head in to the lunge for afternoon tea, make sure stop and look at the very... interesting stadium sculpture. Filled with movie, TV and book characters; I'm not sure what it was and it was rather random, but it sure was awesome.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (11) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (12)

Settling down, we ordered the champagne afternoon tea, which happens to be unlimited. Nice.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (13) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (21)

It's funny really as I can't pin point the first time I met Katie. I know it would have been at a blogging event, but I have no idea when or where.

So yet even though we started out as blogging friends, I truly feel like we've become real friends now.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (22) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (23)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (14)

We poured (couldn't help the pun) over the tea menu and watched as the cutest silver tea pots arrived. All again unlimited.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (15)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (16)

After giving us ample time to chat and sip our drinks, the afternoon tea stand was constructed. Conversations halted to show appreciation of the beauty in front of us.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (17)

Unlike traditional afternoon tea, there are two savory course here.

First with a Savoury crudité featuring mini vegetables and cherry tomatoes with a green pesto mayonnaise and edible soil which is crushed olives.

The pesto and olive soil was such a great combination.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (18) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (19)

Then there were the traditional sandwiches followed by my favorite course. The scones.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (5)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (20)

I wished they were a little bigger and you got more than one (I'd rather have another scone than the raisin swirl given) but they were delicious.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (7)

However it was the off stand cake display that is the piece de resistance. A edible garden, almost Alice in Wonderland it seemed.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (4)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (6)

Carrot cake with candied carrot plant pot

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (3)

Honey and earl grey chocolate bee cake pops

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (2)

Blossoming raspberry & orange macarons and Lavender shortbread sandwich which was actually my favourite. So sweet, yet the crunch of the biscuit was a welcomed addition to the usual soft cake.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (1)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (9)

The Conrad is a gorgeous afternoon tea, in a relaxed and calming setting. It is minutes walk from St James park and even Green park making a great place to go after wandering the real rather than these edible gardens, of London.

Even better, they welcome walk in's so if you find yourself in the area and want to sit down and grab a classic British treat, this is perfect.

What I realized though, talking to Katie like we had known each other for absolute year, was how amazing blogging is at bringing people together.

So I think I am going to do some kind of blogging event to bring people. If you would come along, leave a comment below so I can gauge interest and just what you'd like to do. Maybe afternoon tea even?

22-28 Broadway, 
London, SW1H 0BH, 
United Kingdom

Cru London (5)

My new go to bag is a backpack. Not exactly the word's I thought I'd be saying any time soon.

The word backpack kind of reminds me of my hideous canvas thing off the local market I had for high school- and high school is rather a time I'd like to forget.

However I have a new sophisticated version. Chic, quality and stylish. 

100% leather and by a British leather company you need to know the name of. CRU.

Cru London (4) Cru London (3)

My boyfriend was actually the one who pursued me to get a backpack, as we are off to New York in a couple of weeks and he basically is trying to as much as he can to prevent me from moaning. Get sturdy shoes for all the walking, and get a back pack, so I don't moan that I'm loaded up. 

Smart guy.

Cru London (7)

Jacket- Zara (Similar)
Trousers- Matalan (Similar)
Heels- Topshop
Backpack- c/o Cru*

Cru London (6)
Cru London (2) Cru London (1)

The backpack is 100% leather, by a British company, and boy can you tell. The quality is phenomenal. Its soft and supple, yet sturdy and thick. You know when you can just tell its a quality product?

This is one backpack that isn't relegated to my tourist days, in fact I've been using it all weekend, seeing friends and going to lunch. 

So jump on board the trend put those bad high school associations to rest.

Kingsman (8)

To celebrate the release of Kingsman on DVD this Sunday, I've partnered with Kingsman and I'm inviting you to a little Twitter party. 

At 6pm there is going to be a Kingsman Twitter party with some of your favourite bloggers and actors from the film. So grab your a take out, your best friends, some wine and join in the live chat with bloggers around the country as we talk film and probably other random stuff no doubt.

The idea is to just have fun and have a virtual girls movie night. 

Need more incentive to join in the Twitter chat? OK go on then. You can also win some great prizes throughout the chat which will be randomly given away.

  • When: Sunday 24th
  • Time: 6pm- 8pm
  • Hashtag & account: @Kingsman UK #KingsmanDigitalHD
So grab a glass of wine and come say hi as we tweet. It's going to be a blast

Kingsman (2)
Kingsman (1)
Kingsman (11)
Kingsman (10)

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Bravas Tapas (14)

When the sun peaks its head through the clouds, everyone dashes for every inch of outside space; parks, beer gardens, even the garden wall.

But if you are in London, there is a somewhat hidden little gem called St Katherine's Dock. A beautiful little harbor, just behind the Tower of London, filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

It's rather glorious in the sun.

Bravas Tapas (15)
Bravas Tapas (18)

So with the weather in my favor, I headed out for some lunch, and what better cuisine in the sun, than tapas.

Bravas Tapas (17)

Necklace- Etsy
Leggings- Similar
Waistcoat- Similar

Bravas Tapas (16)

But enough playing in phone boxes, as the sweet, sweet smell of tapas drew me in.

Bravas Tapas (1)

Today's lunch was at Bravas Tapas, a rustic, intimate restaurant, with a great authentic Spanish feel.

Bravas Tapas (6)

And guess who was with me? Caroline!

Bravas Tapas (10)
Bravas Tapas (2)

I think this calls for Cava.

Bravas Tapas (4)

Bravas Tapas specialise in true to Spain dishes. Small, flavorful dishes.

So we ordered rather a lot, starting with Spinach Croquetas.

Bravas Tapas (13)

My favourite, Foie Gras with cherries, serrano ham, all slathered on between toasted brioche buns. Oh that was fantastic. Rich, hearty, yet sweet. 

Bravas Tapas (5)

You can't go to a tapas place though without ordering bravas patatoes. It's basically an unwritten rule. Luckily you will actually want to order these as they are spicy, crispy and fluffy inside. 

Bravas Tapas (3)

When I went to Barcelona, I discovered cheese, and a lot of it. I never realised cheese in Spain was so big. So it seemed only fitting to order that too. After all, cheese is my main diet staple.

Bravas Tapas (11)

There was moreish pork belly skewers. 

Bravas Tapas (12)
Bravas Tapas (9)

And wild sea bass with salsa, that was gorgeously fresh and clean.

Bravas Tapas (8)
Bravas Tapas (7)

Finally we dipped into a tiny bucket of calamari. Cute as a button, yet packed a punch in the taste department. 

Everything you could ask for in a Mediterranean summers brunch when your still in good old Blighty. 

That reminds me though, I really must get myself some abroad sun. Any recommendations?