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Bravas Tapas

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Bravas Tapas (14)

When the sun peaks its head through the clouds, everyone dashes for every inch of outside space; parks, beer gardens, even the garden wall.

But if you are in London, there is a somewhat hidden little gem called St Katherine's Dock. A beautiful little harbor, just behind the Tower of London, filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

It's rather glorious in the sun.

Bravas Tapas (15)
Bravas Tapas (18)

So with the weather in my favor, I headed out for some lunch, and what better cuisine in the sun, than tapas.

Bravas Tapas (17)

Necklace- Etsy
Leggings- Similar
Waistcoat- Similar

Bravas Tapas (16)

But enough playing in phone boxes, as the sweet, sweet smell of tapas drew me in.

Bravas Tapas (1)

Today's lunch was at Bravas Tapas, a rustic, intimate restaurant, with a great authentic Spanish feel.

Bravas Tapas (6)

And guess who was with me? Caroline!

Bravas Tapas (10)
Bravas Tapas (2)

I think this calls for Cava.

Bravas Tapas (4)

Bravas Tapas specialise in true to Spain dishes. Small, flavorful dishes.

So we ordered rather a lot, starting with Spinach Croquetas.

Bravas Tapas (13)

My favourite, Foie Gras with cherries, serrano ham, all slathered on between toasted brioche buns. Oh that was fantastic. Rich, hearty, yet sweet. 

Bravas Tapas (5)

You can't go to a tapas place though without ordering bravas patatoes. It's basically an unwritten rule. Luckily you will actually want to order these as they are spicy, crispy and fluffy inside. 

Bravas Tapas (3)

When I went to Barcelona, I discovered cheese, and a lot of it. I never realised cheese in Spain was so big. So it seemed only fitting to order that too. After all, cheese is my main diet staple.

Bravas Tapas (11)

There was moreish pork belly skewers. 

Bravas Tapas (12)
Bravas Tapas (9)

And wild sea bass with salsa, that was gorgeously fresh and clean.

Bravas Tapas (8)
Bravas Tapas (7)

Finally we dipped into a tiny bucket of calamari. Cute as a button, yet packed a punch in the taste department. 

Everything you could ask for in a Mediterranean summers brunch when your still in good old Blighty. 

That reminds me though, I really must get myself some abroad sun. Any recommendations?



  1. It looks lovely - such vibrant colours in the food, shouldn't have read this on an empty stomach though!

    Rosie xx

  2. Oh, this all looks fantastic! Especially the foie gras!
    Loving your outfit as well!

    Sandra | Cake + Whisky

  3. Wow... sitting here mouth watering, ready for my dinner - very bad idea!

    Looks fabulous, I'm very keen to try this out and the photos capture the food and bold colours really well.

    Right Up My Street | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog