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Conrad Afternoon Tea

Friday 29 May 2015
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (8)

What do you do when you need the advice and chat of a friend?

Head to a bar? Maybe, but luckily I wasn't drowning my sorrows, so instead me and Katie popped down to St James' for afternoon tea at the elegant yet chilled Conrad.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (10)

But before you head in to the lunge for afternoon tea, make sure stop and look at the very... interesting stadium sculpture. Filled with movie, TV and book characters; I'm not sure what it was and it was rather random, but it sure was awesome.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (11) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (12)

Settling down, we ordered the champagne afternoon tea, which happens to be unlimited. Nice.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (13) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (21)

It's funny really as I can't pin point the first time I met Katie. I know it would have been at a blogging event, but I have no idea when or where.

So yet even though we started out as blogging friends, I truly feel like we've become real friends now.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (22) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (23)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (14)

We poured (couldn't help the pun) over the tea menu and watched as the cutest silver tea pots arrived. All again unlimited.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (15)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (16)

After giving us ample time to chat and sip our drinks, the afternoon tea stand was constructed. Conversations halted to show appreciation of the beauty in front of us.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (17)

Unlike traditional afternoon tea, there are two savory course here.

First with a Savoury crudité featuring mini vegetables and cherry tomatoes with a green pesto mayonnaise and edible soil which is crushed olives.

The pesto and olive soil was such a great combination.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (18) The Conrad Afternoon Tea (19)

Then there were the traditional sandwiches followed by my favorite course. The scones.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (5)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (20)

I wished they were a little bigger and you got more than one (I'd rather have another scone than the raisin swirl given) but they were delicious.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (7)

However it was the off stand cake display that is the piece de resistance. A edible garden, almost Alice in Wonderland it seemed.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (4)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (6)

Carrot cake with candied carrot plant pot

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (3)

Honey and earl grey chocolate bee cake pops

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (2)

Blossoming raspberry & orange macarons and Lavender shortbread sandwich which was actually my favourite. So sweet, yet the crunch of the biscuit was a welcomed addition to the usual soft cake.

The Conrad Afternoon Tea (1)
The Conrad Afternoon Tea (9)

The Conrad is a gorgeous afternoon tea, in a relaxed and calming setting. It is minutes walk from St James park and even Green park making a great place to go after wandering the real rather than these edible gardens, of London.

Even better, they welcome walk in's so if you find yourself in the area and want to sit down and grab a classic British treat, this is perfect.

What I realized though, talking to Katie like we had known each other for absolute year, was how amazing blogging is at bringing people together.

So I think I am going to do some kind of blogging event to bring people. If you would come along, leave a comment below so I can gauge interest and just what you'd like to do. Maybe afternoon tea even?

22-28 Broadway, 
London, SW1H 0BH, 
United Kingdom


  1. I'd love to come if you organised something :) Katie's such a babe,
    Lots of love,

  2. Oh wow this all looks absolutely delicious. I've got such a soft spot for afternoon tea!

  3. such a great idea <3 would love for you to organise something.

  4. Blogger afternoons are simply the best fun!

  5. Sounds fun if you do organised an afternoon tea bloggers event. I'd love to come :)

  6. I've met some great people through blogging! It's so great to find people that you can talk to about boring things just like platforms and SEO and of course your interests too!

    Sounds like a great idea & I'd love to come if you did :)

    Tahira x

  7. I'd definitely be interested in a bloggers afternoon tea! I moved to London in January from New Zealand, where the blogging community is quite tight-knit. I hardly know any bloggers over here so would love to meet some :)

  8. That stadium sculpture actually represents the members of the House of Commons in cartoon form! They kept it from the hotel's previous incarnation as the Intercontinental and I'm glad as it's so unique. You too are both looking very glam, love your necklace. I've already met Katie and hope to meet you soon Laura at a blogger's tea or elsewhere. As for the tea, the macaron with the butterfly looks stunning

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  9. I would love a Bloggers Afternoon Tea (or really any kind of event where I get to meet lovely bloggers and eat lots of luscious food!) Please please please make it a weekend so I can come! :)

    P.s. the first course totally surprised me - I've never seen that done for an afternoon tea before - I'm completely sold on the idea! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  10. How cute is this!!! Everything looks super fancy and those little cake pops look so yum!! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  11. I would ADORE coming along to a bloger's event. Hellofarrah isn't getting nearly enough love form me at the minute, i think i need the inspiration!

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  13. How good does this afternoon tea look, I enjoy an afternoon tea when there is a good balance between sandwiches and cakes.