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Cru Leather

Tuesday 26 May 2015
Cru London (5)

My new go to bag is a backpack. Not exactly the word's I thought I'd be saying any time soon.

The word backpack kind of reminds me of my hideous canvas thing off the local market I had for high school- and high school is rather a time I'd like to forget.

However I have a new sophisticated version. Chic, quality and stylish. 

100% leather and by a British leather company you need to know the name of. CRU.

Cru London (4) Cru London (3)

My boyfriend was actually the one who pursued me to get a backpack, as we are off to New York in a couple of weeks and he basically is trying to as much as he can to prevent me from moaning. Get sturdy shoes for all the walking, and get a back pack, so I don't moan that I'm loaded up. 

Smart guy.

Cru London (7)

Jacket- Zara (Similar)
Trousers- Matalan (Similar)
Heels- Topshop
Backpack- c/o Cru*

Cru London (6)
Cru London (2) Cru London (1)

The backpack is 100% leather, by a British company, and boy can you tell. The quality is phenomenal. Its soft and supple, yet sturdy and thick. You know when you can just tell its a quality product?

This is one backpack that isn't relegated to my tourist days, in fact I've been using it all weekend, seeing friends and going to lunch. 

So jump on board the trend put those bad high school associations to rest.


  1. i love the bag
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  2. how cool is that bag pack
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  3. I heart backpacks <3 they're my go-to bag when I'm running around London. Perfect for carting all my tons of stuff around haha. This one is looovely! The leather is such a gorgeous colour :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog