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Do It With PayPal

Monday 18 May 2015
Do It With PayPal (1)

Ah shopping, like most women I love shopping. Although funnily enough I hate shopping in shops. I find it way to stressful. No for me, it's got to be online. In bed. Wrapped in my duvet.

Which was why when PayPalUK asked me try online shopping from a random place, I didn't really have to think twice.

Do It With PayPal (2)

Jacket- Day Birger et Mikkelsen c/o Repertoire*
Glasses- Ray Ban
Top- Hobbs
Shoes- Similar from New Look
Cuff- Azuni

I'll be honest, when I thought of PayPal, I thought of eBay, but PayPal is far more than that. 

Without having to type in your debit or credit card details and address details every time you shop online on most websites, be that Argos, ASOS or even Dominos Pizza.

Basically means you can shop much faster and safer whenever you get that urge. Surely it's not just me who is browsing a fashion blog on the bus and just has to have that skirt like right now!?

So to prove you really can shop anywhere, I was heading onto the Emirates Air Line Cable Car, to do some online shopping. You don't need to ask me twice.

Do It With PayPal (17)

If you aren't familiar with the Emirates Air Line in London, it's a cable car than crosses the Thames in the East.

Part mode of transport, part tourist attraction, I'd never been on it before, let alone shopped on it.

So with Nessa with me and tickets in hand (or you can use your Oyster but the queue is much longer) it was time to go UP UP AND AWAY!

Do It With PayPal (14)
Do It With PayPal (4)

Thankfully we had a glorious day.

Do It With PayPal (8) Do It With PayPal (7) Do It With PayPal (5) Do It With PayPal (6)

You really do have to class the cable cars as only part tourist attraction, as I'll be honest with you, Greenwich (where one of the entrance/exits is) really doesn't have a whole lot of landmarks to see. There is the O2, but you can't really see much of what people want to see- The Shard, The London Eye, Westminster- but the views are great, just maybe not of what you'd think.

Do It With PayPal (13)
Do It With PayPal (10)

But what is also great, is mobile shopping.

So I whipped out my phone, and proceed to open up PayPal.

It's not necessary to have the app to purchase things, as you can link your debit/credit card meaning you don't have to actually have to have credit in your PayPal account, so it's alot more straightforward.

Do It With PayPal (16)

Then it was off to my favorite, ASOS.

I'm off to New York in less than a month, so I need to get a summer wardrobe.

Do It With PayPal (12)
Do It With PayPal (15)

I never thought I'd say this but I'm really into crop tops at the moment. I used to get to conscious about my stomach, but paired with a high waist skirt, I've gotten more confident. I like this River Island one for casual days. Maybe with a pair of high waist jeans?

Do It With PayPal (11)

This was my 'Oh it's done already?' face. No entering card details, or address details. Just a quick PayPal login details and it was done. My ASOS goodies were on the way! 

Google may be working towards getting sites to be more mobile friendly, but it's still a pain in the arse to type in all your personal info on a tiny keypad. Well I can confirm using PayPal instead was so much easier.

Do It With PayPal (9)

So next time you and I spot something on a blog you like the look of, you can buy it much quicker with PayPal.

This could be dangerous for the bank balance...

Have you ever shopped in any bizarre location? Let me know below, be funny to hear!


  1. i hate shopping in shops too , paypal really makes things easy
    Have a great week

  2. Great post. I have some PayPal credit and have been trying to figure out what online shops other than Asos and eBay accept it as a payment method. Will definitely be looking into it more. I hate the shops and avoid them as much as possible too.

  3. I always use Paypal, it just makes everything so much easier!

  4. I'm impressed that you managed to get the shopping done before reaching the other side - I've been on the Emirates cable car and it's a quick journey. I use PayPal a lot and it is really convenient.

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist