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Getting ready for the BAFTAs

Monday 11 May 2015

Well. Bet that was a bit of a shock for you. I know it is for me everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror.

So this is me au natural as they say. Sans makeup, with damp untamed hair.

Why am I showing you this less than flattering photo? Well I could go on a rant and say how women are portrayed in the media as always having to be glamorous 24/7, when in reality it takes lots of prep, but no, I'm not on a feminist rant here. Rather because I was on my way to somewhere quite exciting.

Yesterday I was invited to report on red carpet fashion at the BAFTAs and so I decided to doll myself up a bit. I pulled out some professional help for the occasion and so it was only fitting I show you my transformation, warts and all.

Priv App (2)

To tame my tresses I was going to need a super sleek blow dry. But who wants to go to a salon when they are in a rush? Or you know, when its a Sunday and really you don't want to take off your slippers.

So that's where Piv app comes in handy.

It's a mini salon in a tiny app. From blow drys to manicurists, to even personal trainers on the go. Think of it like the beauty uber- it uses your location to send a nearby beauty specialist to you.

Priv App (1) Priv App (4)

My Priv hairdresser arrived at my house and set up shop in my bedroom... and yes my slippers were still on my feet.

With my hair wet, she set to work, waving her hairdryer like it was a magic wand.

Priv App (3)

All products and tools are provided, right down to the towels.

Priv App (5)

One hour later (I have a lot of hair, and because my hair is very frizzy it requires more time) my hair was transformed into a sleek, classic blow dry, with flowing soft waves.

It's beautiful.

I'd gone from a frizzy disaster to red carpet worthy hair without having to leave my bedroom. Now that's an app I recommend!

But I wasn't there yet. I needed to do something about my less than presentable face.

Georgina Day Make Up (2)

And that's where Georgina Day came in.

Professional makeup artist, who works on magazine shoots, music videos and ad campaigns, we'd met on set of Tinchy Stryder's music video

Her Instagram is filled with the most amazing, creative examples of her work. She really is a talented makeup artist.

Georgina Day Make Up (3) Georgina Day Make Up (4) Georgina Day Make Up (6)

Armed with a suitcase, she too came straight into my bedroom and set up shop on my bench. Palettes of the highest quality products, from Bobbi Brown, Blinc and Kevyn Aucoin, were laid out.

Being a girl who owns the bare essentials, it was like an emporium to me.

Georgina Day Make Up (5)

I swear I'd need a miracle to sort out this face, but I trusted Georgina to work her magic.

Diligently, she started with cleaner, moving onto what I can only believe is what Kim K does every day- a million product base, then blending a multitude of eye shadows and everything in between.

Slowly, I could feel myself transforming...

Georgina Day Make Up (8)

Cinderella, you will go to the ball.

As if a miracle had happened, my hair and makeup came together in perfect harmony, and well, all I can say is wow, I just loved my look.

Sleek, elegant, glam. It was simply perfect.

My makeup was the most stunning look I'd ever had, and my hair was bouncy without being princessy.

Georgina Day Make Up (7)
Georgina Day Make Up (1)

To put the final touches together, I slipped into my gorgeously sexy House of CB Lana Dress.

I'd never bought anything from House of CB before, but boy do I want everything now. Trust me, they are super flattering, and secretly hold everything in around the midsection

Slipping into my heels, I was transformed and it was time to head of to the red carpet... But thats for next time.

If you would like to hire Georgina to do your makeup, please contact her here and check out her instagram.

To download the Priv app, head to the App store


  1. the app sounds really cool , u look amazin gall glamed up and even pretty with no makeup

  2. I've just downloaded this app - mobile blowdrys sounds like my dream come true!
    Followed your pics from the Baftas last night - looked great!

  3. You look incredible, Laura! I can't even imagine how much fun you must have had last night!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  4. You look stunning! Hope you had an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

  5. What a transformation! you look stunning :) I hope you had a fab time at the red carpet x


  6. That dress is so hot!!! You looked amazing, hope you had a fab time...take me with you next time! ;)


  7. Oh my gosh I hadn't heard of this before but I will be getting it now as I could so do with some pampering at home before an event, You look incredible before and after, but your hair seriously is so swoon worthy! Very glam dress too, I like it! xxxx

  8. WOW! You have pretty hair and it looked AMAZING when your PRIV hairdresser Stefania had finished. I like Stefania's green hair too. You look fabulous in that House of CB Lana Dress.


  9. You are beautiful with or without makeup, but those last photos blew me away, just stunning!

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal