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Join me for a Kingsman Twitter party

Saturday 23 May 2015
Kingsman (8)

To celebrate the release of Kingsman on DVD this Sunday, I've partnered with Kingsman and I'm inviting you to a little Twitter party. 

At 6pm there is going to be a Kingsman Twitter party with some of your favourite bloggers and actors from the film. So grab your a take out, your best friends, some wine and join in the live chat with bloggers around the country as we talk film and probably other random stuff no doubt.

The idea is to just have fun and have a virtual girls movie night. 

Need more incentive to join in the Twitter chat? OK go on then. You can also win some great prizes throughout the chat which will be randomly given away.

  • When: Sunday 24th
  • Time: 6pm- 8pm
  • Hashtag & account: @Kingsman UK #KingsmanDigitalHD
So grab a glass of wine and come say hi as we tweet. It's going to be a blast

Kingsman (2)
Kingsman (1)
Kingsman (11)
Kingsman (10)

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