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London Coffee Festival

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Half the time, I feel like this city is run on coffee.

Everyone needs a buzz, some fuel to get them through work, that commute or just their day.

Yet don't kid yourself that its some cheap instant stuff. Oh no, London is obsessed with the best, independent, artisan coffee. So where are you going to get the cities finest under one roof? The London Coffee Festival of course.

A day of all the best coffee makers at my disposal. Oh boy!

Although starting with Toms Roasting Co might have been odd. Yup, that is Toms the canvas shoes.

If you didn't know TOMS operate the “one for one” model, where they donate a pair of shoes to children in need for every pair sold. From school pumps for kids in India, to boots for Syria. Now though they are bringing that model to the coffee business.

Toms promises its “one for one” coffee model means that each bag of coffee it sells, they will provide 140 litres of clean water for a family in coffee producing regions.

They are opening up a new cafe at 5-7 Foubert’s place, London W1 serving coffee with heart, oh and the big question on your mind, is it good? Yes, yes it is!

Moving onto the rest of the festival is something of a mission. From demonstrations on how to roast the perfect bean to the inside mechanics of a coffee maker, its a real education in what makes the perfect cup.

Some people here do it take it mighty seriously, but then there are those who are more like me, who like to just kick back and enjoy the taste.

Even if that means having it in alcohol form. Flat white Baileys espresso martini anyone?

Of course there were the classic hipster coffee drinkers. It wouldn't be East London without them.

Of course the main objective is to try as much coffee as possible, so all there is to do is grab a cup and start hitting the pot... coffee pot that is.

The beauty of trying is you might discover a hidden gem... although you might also discover something you hate too! Not all coffee is created equally!

There is loads of other cool things to do at the festival too. Like coffee art, and small local businesses selling hand made goods.

I want this in my home.

The festival is sadly only on one weekend every year, however if you do one good thing this week. Forget Starbucks, and support a local coffee producer.

Tag me in your morning coffee pictures of Twitter and Instagram! I'd love to see what coffee you love.


  1. Looks like a really great weekend! Fabulous that Tom's are setting up a cafe - I'll need to nip down, do you know when it opens? And yes, that Baileys martini sounds divine!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  2. I'm excited for next year's festival already - I'll actually be there! The Flat white Baileys espresso martini sounds like all my dreams come true!

  3. Ahh so gutted I'm missing this. I hope Manchester hosts their own version soon! x

  4. Next year there needs to be a blogosphere hipster coffee bingo game at the festival! How hilarious that could be :)

  5. Hi Laura,

    Interesting round-up of the festival. Are you going to be there again this year?


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