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Fish Supper Friday

Friday 5 June 2015
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (20)

Today is Nation Fish and Chips Day. A glorious day that should be marked big and bold in everyone's calendar to celebrate.

Fish and Chips are the quintessential British meal and were a big part of my upbringing. Every Friday we would have fish and chips before my swimming lessons. Sadly not the chippie kind- to expensive- but frozen Asda versions, but its the thought that counts.

But fear not, there is no frozen imitations here, oh no, if you have no plans for tonight and are in London, then I highly recommend you celebrate this fantastic day, by eating at the very aptly named Fish and Chips restaurant.

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (21)

A mix of classic fish bar style yet with touches of the quality that a Des McDonald restaurant brings. Mostly in the impressive center piece bar.

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (16)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (22)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (31)

The restaurant is for those looking for a casual, friendly meal that has that childhood nostalgia, yet without the fear of crushed peas on the floor- and maybe less orange juice and more wine.

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (14)

Although they do very impressive herbal teas. Oh could it be any more British?

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (15)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (25)

We decided to start by sharing a couple of starters.

Another British classic I couldn't turn away was their scotch hens egg with piccalilli.

The yolk was still slightly runny which was just bliss. Who doesn't love a runny dippy yolk?

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (24)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (23)

Especially when you can dip crusty bread into it.

I mean, you really can't not have bread with fish and chips. What will you put the left over chips onto?

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (27)

Now Fish and Chips do do other main courses such as fish pie, smoked haddock and scampi, but I couldn't choose anything else but the battered cod.

The perfect fish, is crispy with that definitive crunch as the batter is broken, with perfectly flaky white fish inside.

I can confirm it was indeed this.

A lot less oily than your chippie, which I know sometimes can be half the charm, but this really will leave you smiling thinking of good times growing up.

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (26)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (28)

As a northerner I couldn't not have mushy peas and curry sauce. I remember at university I went through a mushy pea phase and had them with everything. I swear I mad a chili and had them on the side.

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (29)
Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (30)

How can you say no to that?

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (17)

Finally we decided to share a sticky toffee pudding and clotted cream. Another British dish that I just adore. I had it nearly everyday when I was in Scilly. Well I couldn't not when I was technically in the county of Cornwall. 

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (18)

Ok share was a very loose word...

Fish & Chips Des Mcdonald (19)

Make sure you celebrate Nation Fish and Chips Day in good old British style.

It'll leave you happy, full and with that warm nostalgic feeling. 

Now someone just needs to take me to the seaside!

189 Upper Street Islington,
N1 1RQ 
Dashwood House,
69 Old Broad Street,


  1. OH MY this looks incredible! I adore having fish and chips - as you say it's one of the most British meals I think you can get! I missed it so much when I was in France that I actually managed to find TWO Fish and Chip restaurants in Rennes!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

  2. This looks amazing, it's on my list to try but haven't been yet. Us Northerners do have pretty high standards for our fish and chips!

  3. Those fish & chips look amazing! I've never had mushy peas but I'll take your word for how good they are!


  4. Ohh, those photos have made me so happy - that curry sauce looks incredible, you can't have chips without it! I always get a huge nostalgia trip whenever I have fish and chips...always reminds me of eating them from the paper in my parents' car on rainy seaside holidays :)

    Hannah Simpson Writes

  5. Your face with your empty dish is so cute! Love it. :) And well done for keeping to your northern roots ;) xx

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