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Rock and Roll Summer with Barbour

Wednesday 24 June 2015
Barbour 2015 (2)

It's been over a week since I posted on here as I did plan to blog whilst in New York, but that never happened! I was far to busy exploring Manhattan, eating $1 pizza and drinking cosmo's in Carries honour. 

Anyway's I'm back, so watch this space for some across the pond adventures very soon. But first, let me tell you about Barbour.

Barbour is one of England's most loved heritage brands. It's practically an institution. However you probably know it more for it's wax jackets, and rather twee look. It's comes across as all very hunting families clothing of choice.

Well they've had a younger summer makeover. More pretty summer dresses, cool candy colored jumpers and on trend skinny flared jeans. Yet I like to do thing's a little differently. Summer can also be less tea dresses, and more rock and roll for days when you want to be a little more bad ass.

Barbour 2015 (5)

Necklace: Zara
Tshirt: c/o Barbour*
Leggings: c/o Barbour*
Heels: Carvela
Bag: H&M
Jacket: Zara (Similar)
Both cuffs: c/o Azuni*

I can't even begin to describe how uber comfy these leggings actually are. They are so lightweight enough for summer weather  - hey if I could wear them out in the New York sun, then  they definitely are!- yet still gorgeously soft and thick enough to be of quality. 

They'd be perfect with a pair of converse for a BBQ or heels for summer cocktails. 

Barbour 2015 (1)

I love the simple details of the chain, the lace ups and the leather. It's non traditional summer wear I know, but I love that. Barbour are all about British, well you can't get more British than a good bit of rock and roll!

Barbour 2015 (4)

Barbour also have the sweetest range of T-Shirts in at the moment, illustrated by Matt Sewell. Little cartoons of nature are just too cute- you know, for when you want to be less bad ass, and more chilled.

The purple even matches my hair. 

Barbour 2015 (6)

I still would happily go for the traditional picnic in the country you may have thought of with Barbour, but just with a new age twist. 


  1. I love those leggings!


  2. u look chic, how cool are those shoes
    keep in touch

  3. Oh wow, those leggings are amazing! I love how you've paired them with the leg-climbing Carvela heels too - a nice touch.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. love that necklace!! :)