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Stay In And Go Native

Monday 1 June 2015
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London is a bit mental for its living situation. I live with my boyfriend, but we don't have a lounge and barely enough room to swing a cat in the kitchen, yet some how spend an arm and a leg on this privilege.

This makes entertaining hard, even just having a girls night in watching a movie and gossiping. Plus inevitably gossip turns to our men and when he's there, trying to steal the last slice of pizza, it's time to find an alternative.

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Go Native provide homes away from homes in London. Luxury serviced apartments from everywhere from Chelsea to Stratford. Perfect for business travelers who don't want to spend weeks in a hotel or just for a fun girls weekend away.

In Liverpool apparently its all the rage with hire a hotel or apartment for you and your girlfriends, so whilst mine might have been a little more sedate, it sure made up for it.

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The apartment has a entrance hall, big hotel grade bathroom, a kitchen lounge dinner than is smartly decorated with classic monochrome and plush colours. It was homely without being kitsch.

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And of course a bedroom. The bedroom was quite impressively decorated with a rather grand feel because of the gold and velvet. 

Of course its all about how comfy the bed is obviously, but there would be plenty of time for that later. 

First a little package actually arrived to me.

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Roses Only wanted to send me a little something so I thought it would be good to really add a homely touch with a huge bouquet of roses.

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Packaged and hand delivered within a hour, 7 days a week, they produce high quality, huge great big, gorgeous roses that just waft their perfume all across the room.

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They really are utterly stunning. You can just see the quality instantly. Of course as well as buying them for yourself and home, they do make gorgeous presents.  

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So I popped them into a vase and set them on the coffee table, whilst we started our girls night in. 

As you can probably tell I love a good night out, a good catch up at a bar or restaurant. But I do also love a good girls night in that well, is rather sedate. Give me a bottle of red, some yummy food and a good girly goss and I'm happy as larry.

Nessa doesn't live in London actually, so staying out too late is a rare thing as she has to catch a train home, so getting a place to stay over meant we weren't constantly checking the clock. 

Whilst getting a apartment with just one of your friends might seem excessive, if you were visiting London for the weekend on a staycation, its so much nicer than a hotel. Think of the space! Or if you are already in London, a group of you is the perfect excuse. 

Think adult version of those sleepovers you had as kids. Just with more wine and less teddies. 

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As the night went on, the takeaway came out and the so did the wine. 

I never thought having a sofa would be such a luxury. I do miss it.

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Just after midnight, like Cinderella we decided to pile into bed for a good girlie chat and snuggle under the duvet. 

I was seriously impressed when I came to take my makeup off though as the bathroom was stocked with The White Company products. 

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So that thing about a more adult, more mature version of those childhood sleepovers?

Yeah part of the child in me has never left. 

Big, soft hotel bed... what do you do?

Jump spread eagle of course! It would be rude not too!

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I didn't say it was graceful.

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We woke refreshed and eager to go a big girlie brunch, but of course not before big mugs of coffee. 

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I do miss having the space now that I live in London, so our girlie night in was just perfect. I think those Liverpool ladies are onto a winner. Fancy inviting me over next time girls?

14 Lovat Lane, 

Other locations too.


  1. Oh, this looks like a lovely way to spend a city break! I love your jumping on the bed pics too, haha.

  2. I love the gold velvet cushions in the bedroom, and those roses are stunning - looks like a very homely place to stay

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  3. the place might be small but its so beautiful
    bed looks so comfy

  4. What a clever idea! I feel quite sickened when I think about how much we pay on rent to live here... yikes!

    October Eleven

  5. I absolutely LOVE Go Native's apartments too! I always stay in one when I visit London! We live near Gatwick & our apartment is teeny too and still crazy expensive compared to Australia! x
    P.S Love the roses!

  6. For my 21st birthday, I rented an apartment in Liverpool for the night because it meant my friends and I could have a base in the city centre to increase the ease of stumbling home after the night out - it really is a fantastic idea for big group nights out or weekends away! Now that I'm a little older and marginally wiser, I would love to rent one just for a night in with the girls...I live with my boyfriend and I'm very conscious that it's not fair to relegate him to the bedroom while we giggle and gossip all over the living room. Next time I'm looking at getting a big group together, I'll definitely look into these :)

    Hannah Simpson Writes

  7. Oooh this looks a great idea - going to check out their prices now. Also, I can't believe you don't have a sofa! I would go mad xx