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Beauty and Essex, New York

Monday 6 July 2015
Beauty and essex (18)

Having found my feet in New York, I knew it was time to get foodie. New York is one of the best places for food, except for London of course, although I might be a little bias there.

Over and over again I was told I was going to just be in absolute heaven because of my love for food. My trainer was beside himself with worry before I went as he knew I'd go overboard and eat everything glutenous and calorific- and yes he was right! But hey, it's New York, and life's too short.

Before I went I asked Twitter- come say hi- what would be a great restaurant for a really nice date night meal. Well I was inundated, but one that was mentioned again and again was Beauty and Essex.

Beauty and essex (15)

We made our way to the Lower East Side, to what appeared to be a pawn shop. Filled with trinkets, jewelry and antiques, it was very un-restaurant like.

Beauty and essex (16)
Beauty and essex (17)

But at the back of the pawn shop is a unassuming door.

We pushed through to enter a very glamorous, upscale restaurant, with an early sixties vibe.

Beauty and essex (9)
Beauty and essex (8)
Beauty and essex (19)

Beauty and Essex has a feast of a menu. The restaurant is a very social, glamourous one and it's menu reflects that. Small sharing plates of food that's influences are from all over the world.

There is a raw section for the uber trendy health conscious, items like Butter Poached Maine Lobster on toast, Thai Style Deep-Fried Shrimp, North Carolina style dry rub ribs and Spaghettini- a very diverse menu indeed.

But first cocktails. They make them good and strong. A perfect date night starter.

Beauty and essex (21)

Beauty and essex (22)
Beauty and essex (30)
Beauty and essex (29)

Finally choosing our plates, we were ready to get stuck in. Passing items to each other, dipping folks across the table, enthusiastically saying "Taste this babe!". It's the best way really.

Beauty and essex (23)

We had ‘Chile Relleno’ Empanadas with poblano, manchego and jalapeño-lime crema.

Beauty and essex (24)
Beauty and essex (26)

Hot, cheesy, citrus tang based goodness. They were so so good. I wish I'd ordered another plate.

Beauty and essex (25)

I also wished I'd order these again. Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Tomato Soup Dumplings. We both agreed these were just divine, so moreish, and the best dish we had that night.

Beauty and essex (27)
Beauty and essex (3)

I'm obsessed Mac and Cheese, so Lobster 'Mac & Cheese' with sicilian style bread crumbs was a must.

Beauty and essex (2)
Beauty and essex (7)

Oh yeahhhh

Beauty and essex (6)

Bahn Mi Soft Tacos with pork confit, foie gras pate, taylor ham, midori sriracha and a rather delightful kewpie mayo.

Beauty and essex (5)

We ordered BBQ fries, although I have to say I didn't really rate these.

Beauty and essex (4)

But the onion rings more than made up for it, although it was a fight for the big ones at the bottom. Rather tactical nibbling.

Beauty and essex (1)

Our final dish was Guianciale Pork Pizzetta with oven dried tomatoes and grana padano. A great crispy flat bread base with so much flavour.

There is a lot of hype around Beauty and Essex, as it draws a rather glamorous crowd, so it's always a worry it will be all style no substance yet I was pleasantly surprised the food is delicious and definitely has substance.

Beauty and essex (14)

After dinner, we decided to head upstairs for a couple of drinks in the bar before we headed out.

The humongous chandelier was a thing of beauty. Not sure I could fit it in my flat though.

Beauty and essex (13)

Upstairs is even more glamorous, but much more chilled with sofas in the bar lounge.

Beauty and essex (11)
Beauty and essex (10)
Beauty and essex (12)
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Now, there is one final, very fabulous element to Beauty and Essex. But sorry guys, this ones just for the girls.

Ladies, if you take a trip to the bathroom, there is a surprising waiting for you.

A champagne bar- and it's free!

Best idea ever? London are you listening?

Beauty and Essex was a real winner for me. I'd go again if I go back to New York which I'm sure I will. I feel like New York and me are meant to be.

146 Essex St, 
New York, 
United States


  1. Great photos.. So much love on this blog.. Glad I've gound your blog, keep it up.



    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. OMG SO glad you have written this post - I've booked Beauty & Essex for their champagne brunch whilst we're out there and now simply cannot wait! It looks so beaut and the food looks and sounds delicious, so glad you guys enjoyed it! And seriously, the champagne is free in the loos??? I'm not going to see Michael all day, haha. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  3. That looks AMAZING! Champagne is free is the loos? Amazing! I need to get a trip to NY booked just for that! I hope someone in London is listening..!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

  4. Great post! How I wish that I too could also go here. So curious on that bar too :)

  5. Free champagne in the toilets? Wow!

  6. This looks amazing- I hope you kept the champers bar a secret from your date. I would have done, kept him guessing why I kept dissappearing off and coming back giggly ;)!

  7. The food looks amazing! I can't believe there was a free champagne bar in the bathroom, that's brilliant!

    Laura / Middle of Adventure