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Best Bagels and Crack Pie, New York

Friday 10 July 2015
New York City

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed, even when you are in New York. We were so tired/comfy/ lazy that we managed to sleep in till mid day. By the time we got up and dressed we were famished and set out in search of food.

New York City (4)
New York City (5)

When it comes to food, Dan couldn't really give a monkeys to be perfectly honest. Dan had been to New York before and apparently he lived off coffee for the week. He sees food as a fuel and not much more. So usually I'm the one who drags to off to restaurants and foodie spots.

However there is one thing Dan does love food wise, and that is bagels. And where better than New York for a bagel?

Last time he was here he declared he's found the 'best bagel ever'. Well I want in on this then!

Best Bagel and Coffee New York (3)

The small shop is genuinely called "Best Bagel and Coffee" and whilst it may not look to impressive, take a closer look and you'll start to see why it may just be a winner.

Every type of bagel flavor you could imagine, being made and baked in the kitchen at the back.

Fresh ingredients lined and piled high.

Oh and the smell, oh the smell just made me week at the knees. Mmmm fresh hot baked dough.

Best Bagel and Coffee New York (2) Best Bagel and Coffee New York (5)
Best Bagel and Coffee New York (4)

Dan had traditional scallion and cream cheese. Me? Not so traditional...

Best Bagel and Coffee New York (6)

Chicken, bacon, and cheese, in a bagel. Oh boy!

Best Bagel and Coffee New York (7) Best Bagel and Coffee New York (8)

Look at the size of it!

Best Bagel and Coffee New York (9) Best Bagel and Coffee New York (10) Best Bagel and Coffee New York (1)

The bagels were just amazing. Seriously if you want the most delicious bagel you have to go here. The boy chose well.

After our epic feast we needed to work of some of those calories, as we were pretty darn full. We headed in the direction of the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

Is it me or is it not that impressive? I mean, for something so iconic, I thought it was going to be a little more... interesting.

New York City (1) New York City (2) New York City (3)

I may have also done so post lunch shopping and picked up this seriously gorgeous Coach Bag. The colour just has me.

Macy's New York

We carried on walking, and past Macy's.

Here is a fun fact for you. See how this corner is shorter and looks different than the rest of the Macy's building? Well it's because it doesn't belong to Macy's. They've tried and tried to buy it but to no avail. So in order to make it look like one complete building, they buy each year advertising all over the building, to make it look like it is part of the department store.

Broadway Bites (1)

We passed by a cool street food market, which looked so good, but honestly those bagels are huge!

Broadway Bites (2) Broadway Bites (3) Broadway Bites (4) New York Art

We just kept walking. Honestly our step counts were insane each day.

However like a moth to a flame, Dan was drawn to a shop across the road which was very shiny.

Story Pop Up Shop New York (5)

Story is a pop up shop with a very cool angle. It changes like a Gallery, sells things like a Store. Meaning that every 4-8 weeks it completely changes the store design and the designers and items it sells.

Past ones included, well being, home for the holidays, and now we saw Creative.

So the story goes that the founder, Rachel Shechtman joined Lexus in Milan for the Lexus Design Award, a global search for the next generation of creators. Using the designers “inventions” as muses for inspiring examples of forward thinking  the question of what does the future look like? And how will we get there? So this Story says…your future looks creative.

Story Pop Up Shop New York (9) Story Pop Up Shop New York (3)

From books to art, to household items, this time everything had a creative, futuristic angle to it... and a very colourful one at that.

Story Pop Up Shop New York (4) Story Pop Up Shop New York (8)

Everything is a little quirky and made by independent designers, meaning there was hidden gems everywhere.

Story Pop Up Shop New York (7) Story Pop Up Shop New York (6) Story Pop Up Shop New York (2) Story Pop Up Shop New York (1)

We may have come away with a few items, although I may have advised Dan not to get the rocket ship. A wooden rocket ship? Oh boys and there toys!

Story was pretty awesome, and the theme is due to change soon ,so I'd recommend a pop in.

Milk Bar New York (5)

We literally spent the entire day walking, dipping in and out of shops, and discovering random things.

Before we knew it, it was closing on 11pm. My stomach was only just starting to rumble after the epic bagel, so I couldn't face a huge meal.

So instead we found Milk Bar.

Milk Bar New York (3)

Milk bar is focused on putting a playfully American spin on familiar home-style desserts and savoury snacks and just so happens to be the sister bakery to the award winning Momofuku restaurant. Oh and founded by James Beard rising star chef of the year in 2012 and outstanding pastry chef award-winner in 2015. Not bad eh?

Milk Bar New York (4)

One of things they are most famous for is their cereal milk. Yep as it sounds, the milk that is left over from a bowl of cereal.

You can either buy it to make yourself, or they do a version which is condensed into a Mr Whippy style ice cream. I have to admit, I tried a sample, and hated it, but then I don't like cereal and milk so I'm probably not the best candidate to try, but I know cereal milk has a cult like following and seeing as the place was rammed even at this hour, I'd say it's good if you like milk.

Milk Bar New York (1) Milk Bar New York (2)

However I was here really for one thing. Crack Pie.

Yes, you heard right, Crack Pie. I knew nothing of what it was, but I needed it. That sounds rather junkie like, doesn't it? Gosh, its having that effect already!

Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (1)

We took 2 and a candy bar pie to go and scurried back to our hotel for our fix.

Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (2) Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (3)
Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (7)

We started with the Candy Bar pie.

The name does not suggest that it is peanut base at all. Peanuts, caramel, pretzels and chocolate. Sounds amazing, but for some reason it wasn't really for me. It just didn't taste quite right.

So we left it, and dived straight on the main show, Crack Pie.

Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (5)

The only way I can describe it is Treacle Tart times a thousand. Or maybe on acid would be a better analogy.

It's super sweet and sugary, and will certainly give you a wide eye'd boost- I'm guessing a bit like crack?

Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (4)

It was seriously good and I wanted another. Oh boy, slippery slope...

Milk Bar New York Crack Pie (8)

So much so that I ungracefully devoured it in seconds. I may too have been left with a white powdery nose- but don't worry kids, it was just icing sugar. 


  1. Reminds me of the cereal cafe in London :) The bagels look like heaven, I'm with Dan they're one of my favourite foods ever!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Ohhh yeah, you can't beat a good bagel! And that crack pie, well, it sounds addictive! Loved the trivia about Macy's too :)

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  3. Your pictures of the city are gorgeous! And I love that idea of a constantly changing shop!!


  4. That is so cool and the photos are absolutely awesome. I love your blog and if you fancy a read, then check onto my blog https://lifestylebites3.wordpress.com

  5. Crack Pie sounds like my type of pie ;D

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  6. Ooh wow, epic post!! It was really lovely to see New York through your eyes and have a sneak peek into different shops etc. Sounds like you had an awesome time. That pie though..yummy!! Fabulous photographs too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  7. Those bagels look INSANE!!!! And those pies: nom, nom, nom! Looks like you had a great time in NYC x

  8. Bagel shop and Story have been noted - crack pie was already high on the list... I am SO EXCITED NOW! Totally feel you on the Empire State Building being a let down btw... same with most tall buildings I guess. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  9. That crack pie sounds dangerously addicitve! I loved New York too, it's funny how the cafes proclaim themselves the best diner ever etc. but sounds like those bagels were particularly good

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist