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Burger Joint, New York

Thursday 23 July 2015
Burger Joint New York (21)

For this post I was planning to move more away from food and show you some of the cool sites we saw, but to be honest, on this day we mooched around Grand Central station and spent a lot of time in the Apple Store. Not the best blog worthy material. However what was blog worthy was the food. Oh the food, why would I ever consider ignoring you?

Especially when it's as quirky as Burger Joint.

Now the story goes that back in the 50s there was a typical dirty diner. However it got quite a following with New Yorkers and celebrities, and sort of became an institution. Then years later a big hotel company wanted to buy the land it was on for their fancy new hotel. There was uproar! So the hotel made a surprising decision. It built the posh and refined hotel on the last, but built it around the diner.

Meaning yes, the dirty diner is in this expensive hotel. Whether the story is true remains to be seen, but the diner sure is real.

Burger Joint New York (22) Burger Joint New York (1)

You slip behind a discreet curtain and down a corridor to where a neon sign beckons though in.

Burger Joint New York (20)

Leaving the world of marble and chandeliers behind, the diner truly is the definition of a dirty diner. It's the most higgledy piggledy, dirty shack- and it was awesome. 

Burger Joint New York (18) Burger Joint New York (19) Burger Joint New York (8)

The walls are covered in stickers, graffiti and 90s posters with some little extras- poor SJP's face.

It's funny though as such a grimy place attracts such a diverse crowd. There were the casual crew like us, the post office city workers, and even some glam ladies in heels. I think it's an indicator that its a goodun. 

Burger Joint New York (9) Burger Joint New York (5) Burger Joint New York (4) Burger Joint New York (3) Burger Joint New York (10) Burger Joint New York (2)

The menu is pretty darn basic. 

Single burger with or without cheese, and then doubles of them. Fries as a side. Milkshake, coke or beer and that's about it. 

No fancy pants burgers here. It's the classics done well. 

Burger Joint New York (6) Burger Joint New York (7) Burger Joint New York (17)

There is limited tables, so pull up a pew next to someone with your greasy bag and get stuck in.

Burger Joint New York (11) Burger Joint New York (12)

It may not look much, but let me tell you something. A humble beef burger with cheese is a glorious thing when done right. They do it right. No messing, no faff, just juicy, cheesey burgers. 

It gets a thumbs up for sure. 

Burger Joint New York (14) Burger Joint New York (13) Burger Joint New York (16) Burger Joint New York (15)

Burger Joint is one cool... err... joint. We ended up chatting to some random city worker next to us who was on a work trip from Chicago and was told of this place as a must go to. It's also one of those places that if you are solo, is perfect to go to.

Refined dinner in say the actual hotel I'm sure is a great thing too, but isn't it sometimes more fun to just relax, keep your converse on and not worry when the sauce dribbled down your chin?

We went at around 11pm and it was booming. So if you are in need of a late night dirty burger, then this is just your thing.

Le Parker Meriden


  1. It may only be 10am but I'm now craving a burger!

    Victoria x

  2. This is awesome! I'll be in NYC is 2 weeks - will definitely head here

  3. Those burgers look absolutely amazing!


  4. omg, the interior is sper cool

  5. I've been loving these New York posts Laura. I'm sure when I went (as a backpacker) I had my eyes closed the entire time! So much more to see and eat than dollar slices of pizza and the Empire State Building! (Eating the pizza and not the building...I'm not that weird)

    Ben | www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com

  6. This looks very yummy. New York and a fabulous burger go hand in hand.

    Zoe| Love and Limoncello

  7. This is so cool! What an awesome idea. Love this and I'd never say no to a burger!

    Seeing the above comments, I'm hoping Ben plans on taking me ;)

    Katie <3

  8. Nothing beats a good burger done well! Love that it's in the fancy hotel too - great story either way :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  9. I love the graffiti and poster all over the wall, I love this place, I always eat there,