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200 Club: 200 courses in 24 hours

Monday 7 September 2015
200 club bompas and parr (1)

You know how sometimes when you open your mouth and the words that tumble out just sound a bit mental? Yeah that happened to me this week when I uttered the phrase "200 course dinner over 24 hours" You really can't make this stuff up though.

Bompas and Parr, the food experimentalists had teamed up with Bespoke Offers, a website from Barclaycard where you can find offers that are bespoke to you. It's a little like Groupon, but let's just say it has far better and interesting offers- hence the 200 Club.

The 200 Club was going to be the worlds longest tasting menu, with a different dish served every 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Broken up into colour themed sections of 20 dishes, I wasn't actually going to have the full 200 (although I applied), but instead I was going to have 20 dishes- which is still alot for a Thursday evening.

200 club bompas and parr (2)

The 200 club was hosted in the very warehouse that Dragon's Den was filmed in and I have to say it still had that haunting kind of feel.

200 club bompas and parr (3) 200 club bompas and parr (4)

Whilst we waited for our section of the epic dinner to begin I waited with 2 eager dinners, Céline and Olivia who had purchased the dinner on Bespoke Offers. I told you it was a little more interesting than Groupon.

200 club bompas and parr (5)

Soon it was time for dinner. I was actually really surprised that there was only one table in the middle of the room. I thought there was going to be lots like a restaurant but instead it was just 8 people. Not intimidating at all...

200 club bompas and parr (6)

The Purple Tiffin section was cooked by Fergus Crosby head chef at Sea Containers.

200 club bompas and parr (7)

The whole thing was actually being filmed which was rather scary at first, but to be honest I soon forgot, which is probably as well as I'm sure I said some ridiculous things as usual.

Seeing as there was a strict time on this dinner, we quickly got into our places, and eager to experience the worlds longest tasting menu, we were off.

200 club bompas and parr (8)

We started with Aronia Berry Jelly (The berries look a little like blueberries if anyone like me had never heard of them before).

200 club bompas and parr (9)

As I sad before there were 4 people doing all 200 courses. Lucy from ITN, Emily from The Sun, Valentine from The Times and Paul (above on the jumper) who had won it.

200 club bompas and parr (10) 200 club bompas and parr (11)

Next we were served Raw Orkney Scallop with Soy Sesame and crispy shallots. I love a big juicy scallop and well coming from a chef who works at a place called "Sea Containers", I'm glad it was good!

200 club bompas and parr (12)

Dish 3 was Galician Octopus with quinoa. If you haven't had Octopus before, I was highly recommend it. Don't be put off by the freaky tentacle, it's actually really delicious. More meaty than fishy.

200 club bompas and parr (13)

The art like purple roots dish, of textures of carrots.

200 club bompas and parr (14)

As you can imagine with something like this, there was a lot of tweeting, instagramming and note taking. Phones were acceptable at the dinner table.

200 club bompas and parr (15)

We then had Violet potatoes done in various ways, quickly followed by butter dipped radishes with lavender. I have to admit, however much you cover them in butter and toppings, I still didn't like biting into a whole radish.

200 club bompas and parr (16) 200 club bompas and parr (17)

Quickly between courses, I decided to go up onto the balcony to get a sense of what was going on.

200 club bompas and parr (18) 200 club bompas and parr (19)

By the time I arrived, these guys had been here nearly 12 hours already. Needless to say some of them were starting to feel a little worse for wear.

200 club bompas and parr (20)

Next we had purple cabbage gazpacho- a cold soup- I actually didn't like this. I've never had gazpacho before so I wasn't sure if it was just the idea of cold soup, but I left most of it.

200 club bompas and parr (21)

Next was delicious though. Braised short rub with cauliflower. Emily, who was feeling rather full by now, even said this was worth eating.

200 club bompas and parr (22)

Being a Bompas and Parr event, it was never going to be 'Normal' shall we say, so out came Blackberry Vapour.

Yep, just stick your nose straight into the glass and inhale.

Personally I'm not sure it will catch on... but if you follow me on snapchat (username: heroineinheels) you will have seen me try to inhale without laughing- not possible.

200 club bompas and parr (23) 200 club bompas and parr (24) 200 club bompas and parr (25)

We returned to solid food with Jerk Quail, which was rather spicy indeed.

200 club bompas and parr (26)

We were then presented with another jelly of hibiscus and whisky. If anyone ever questions alcoholic jelly as a rip off, you haven't tasted this. Cor, I could have got drunk off this stuff. Powerful to say the least.

200 club bompas and parr (27)

I then ate probably the worlds poshest fried chicken. K-Town fried chicken with blueberry sriracha. It was have been posh, but it was still as delicious as ever. Love me some fried chicken. Simple girl at heart.

200 club bompas and parr (28)

Course 13 was crispy scarlet kale and hake goujon which was really good. I've never had crispy kale before, but I will again.

200 club bompas and parr (29)

Next was the start of the desserts. BBQ figs with foie gras. Controversial, but sorry, I love foie gras.

200 club bompas and parr (30)

No modern diner seems complete without a macaron these days. I still love them though.

200 club bompas and parr (31)

The blueberry plasma with star anise had to be one of the most interesting of the night. Star anise really gave it a kick which was unusual in a dessert. But something I would have again.

200 club bompas and parr (32)

Always appreciated is a truffle.

200 club bompas and parr (33)

The chocolate and blackberry tart was a perfect sweet toothed dish to help slowly wrap up the evening.

200 club bompas and parr (34)

Dish 19 was the cutest ice lolly's.

I have to say I was feeling pretty darn full by now, as you can see the dishes aren't that tiny. So 200 of them... well let's just say I hope they have a day off afterwards as I'd be on the floor in a food coma.

200 club bompas and parr (35) 200 club bompas and parr (36)

My dish 20 arrived, which was actually dish 100 of the entire event. A refreshing cleaners of back cherry granita.

Photo by Céline

I have to say it was one of the craziest events I've attended in a long time- up there with my dinner 100ft dangling in the air

So the 4 brave guys doing the 24 hours completed it all. Hat's off to them indeed! 

I know that I waddled home just after my 20 dishes. But if there is another insane food challenge going I'm always up for it.

Make sure you check out Bompas and Parr and Bespoke Offers for your opportunity to attend some crazy food events. 

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  1. ah i saw some pictures on instagram, what a great idea for an event! that's so much food. love the photos and the ice lollies in particular look amazing x


    p.s. weirdo alert, i really fancy that Paul guy x

  2. FINALLY I'm able to understand what it was all about. It looked like such a fantastic experience, intimate and so creative. Lucky you :) I'm like seething with jealousy...trying to book myself one of their many experiences.

  3. Such a cool event! I LOVE the look of the BBQ figs - all the dishes are so beautifully presented and the portions are so much bigger than I expected. You did well to fit it all in! x


  4. SO jealous you got to go to this - it sounds insane and the food looks amazing!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  5. Wow, what an event! How did they even manage with 200 courses? I can't imagine! :D

    I voted for you and my fingers are crossed :)

  6. Oh my this sounds amazing! I do think 200 courses is a wee bit too many for me though! 20 will definitely do :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte