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The Pass, Covent Garden

Tuesday 1 September 2015
The Pass Covent Garden App

Covent Garden is one of London’s most treasured areas. Famed for it’s market, and crazy street performers, its loved by locals and tourists alike.

But it’s also becoming a shopping destination too. With Apple having a huge store there, right through to Mac and Kurt Geiger, it’s a shopping addicts dream.

If shopping is your thing then I have something just for you then. It’s called The Pass.

The Pass is Covent Garden’s new App. It unlocks special offers, content and services from almost 50 different outlets in the area. From discounts in stores, free makeovers, right through to free champagne in restaurants. It’s the insiders guide to getting the good stuff.

It’s available on iPhone and Android

So to see it for myself, the lovely people at Covent Garden gave me a tour round using The Pass.

Covent Garden App The Pass (5)
Covent Garden App The Pass (1)
Covent Garden App The Pass (4)

The app is so simple to use, and also has a handy map that will flag up discounts that day for the stores near you. It really does have some great offers. As I'm writing this (Sunday evening) there is 25% off food at Joe's Southern Kitchen and 15% off a blow dry at Blo Blow Dry Bar

Covent Garden App The Pass (2)

Some people think that Covent Garden is too touristy, but it really isn't. Yes it can be quite busy during peak times like Saturday lunch, but with high end shops like Dior and Chanel it's actually quite a locals place.

The Ivy Market Grill (1)

After browsing the shops it was time to see what foodie finds Covent Garden had to offer.

Now if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll know how much I bang on about The Ivy Market Grill. I just genuinely love it. I often go, like yesterday funnily enough, when I just want to have a casual drink and a bite to eat.

The Ivy Market Grill (11)

It's got that old school glamour feel to it, yet it's still casual enough to not be uptight. I would normally say anything that's not sportswear is completely fine, although yesterday I went in wearing a hoodie and no one batted an eyelid.

The Ivy Market Grill (12)
The Ivy Market Grill (2)

The menu is pretty extensive, and it will take you so long to decide. It's all good old English food, like lamb cutlets, fish and chips and grilled salmon.

However if I can pass on one piece of advice being a regular here, order the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. I have it every time and it is just delicious. No questions.

The Ivy Market Grill (3)
The Ivy Market Grill (7)

My lovely hosts and dinner companions for the evening ordered the Rack of lamb which was herb crusted with fondant potato, minted sugar snaps and lamb jus, and the Roast cod fillet with crushed peas, spring vegetables, clams and Champagne sauce.

Oh they looked mighty fine.

The Ivy Market Grill (6)

I however ordered the Roast duck breast with a croquette of confit leg, creamed carrot and five spice sauce.

It was delicious, and that sauce was just beautiful.

The Ivy Market Grill (5)
The Ivy Market Grill (9)
The Ivy Market Grill (8)

However it is the truffle and Parmesan chips that win awards in my eyes. I get them every time I come as I just can't get enough of them. They are so so good. Oh I want some right now.

The Ivy Market Grill (10)

We also ordered the Zucchini fritti and bread for the table.

Now I've seen people rave about the fritti on social media, but personally I'd pass this one. They are extremely greasy and a bit meh taste wise. Stick with the chips. Order more if you have to.

The Ivy Market Grill (4)

After dinner, Covent Garden had one more surprise up its sleeve. 

I was told to skip dessert and head outside. 

It better be worth skipping dessert...

Magnum Store covent garden (2)

You bet it was! 

Design your own Magnum! 

Magnum have got a pop up shop in Covent Garden called The Pleasure Store

You basically choose a white or milk Magnum ice cream, which they then freshly dip into chocolate, and then you pile on the toppings. There is everything you can think of. Honeycomb, marshmallows, and toffee pieces, right through to the weird and wonderful rose petals and chilli flakes, 

But be quick, it's only around till the 13th September, so get your skates on.

Magnum Store covent garden (1)
Magnum Store covent garden (16)
Magnum Store covent garden (3)
Magnum Store covent garden (4)
Magnum Store covent garden (5)
Magnum Store covent garden (6)
Magnum Store covent garden (7)
Magnum Store covent garden (8)
Magnum Store covent garden (12)

Can you tell I was happy with my creation?

I went for milk chocolate ice cream, white chocolate covered, with honeycomb, pistachio, rose petals and silver balls. All with a drizzle of milk chocolate. 

It's enough to make anyone swoon. 

Let's take a closer look at it.

Magnum Store covent garden (9)
Magnum Store covent garden (10)
Magnum Store covent garden (11)

Of course we couldn't forget my hosts creation too. White ice cream, milk covering with honeycomb, mint crystals and chocolate pieces. 

Magnum Store covent garden (13)
Magnum Store covent garden (14)
Magnum Store covent garden (15)

It tasted as good as it look, if not better. But just a word of warning. It's seriously messy. 

If you haven't got yourself down to Covent Garden this summer, head there now. It's such a fun area with a great vibe. 

Plus you'll save yourself some pennies with The Pass. More to spend on ice cream then. Win.

It’s available on iPhone and Android

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  1. I went to the (permanent) pleasure store in Rome - expensive but worth it! I went for chocolate ice cream, white chocolate coating, pretzels, salted caramel and hazelnuts, finishing with a drizzle of dark chocolate. Delicious! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. You design your own magnum is so cool! What a fun idea.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  3. I love the Ivy Market Grill, definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Covent Garden! Love your Magnum, I made one last year when they were at Selfridges and it was SO yummy!

    C x |
    Lux Life

  4. I agree Covent Garden is such a lovely area and most people forget about all the little streets off the main piazza! I've never been to the Ivy Market Grill but the food looks so delicious. When I was last there I really wanted to go to the Magnum store but the queue was huge so I gave up - I need to go before it shuts :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  5. OH WOW! These photos have got me drooling! Just love London and all the cool eatery's it has to offer. Will definitely be trying the Ivy Market Grill out next time I'm down. And that Magnum...divine! Thanks for sharing, Sanah Shaikh x