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Ancient Greek Explorers

Thursday 22 October 2015
mediterranean delights fitness voyage (8)

Continuing on my Greek Island Hopping adventure with MDFV, I can't lie I spent alot of time onboard just soaking up the sun.

Time just doesn't seem to exist when your bobbing along in the middle of the sea. Sometimes I wouldn't even know what time it was for a whole afternoon, just not even caring. 

I tell myself I need to do a digital detox whilst I'm here in London, so this was rather good practice as I can tell you know, you don't get 4G in the middle of the sea. 

mediterranean delights fitness voyage (6)

Barely anything for miles, it's great to finally find those moments to just have with yourself. 

mediterranean delights fitness voyage (5) mediterranean delights fitness voyage (2) Beauitful photos of Kos (4)

But on the flip side, the eager explorer in me wanted to jump right off and go explore new territories. 

Luckily we docked in Kos, and so off we set. 

Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (2)

Now I don't know about you but when someone say's Kos, I think of wild partying in neon sign clad bars down the strip. I mean there was this T-Shirt going around on social media once saying Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Kos. 

Really not my scene. 

However like most places, there is another side to it. A more beautiful, and fascinating world. 

Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (4)

Kos is also home to some very impressive ancient Greek ruins. 

The Ancient town is hugely impressive. The Ancient City Wall built sometime in the 4th century but more impressive is that quite a few of the mosaics are preserved still. You can almost create a vision of what it would have been like back then.

Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (7) Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (6) Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (3) Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (5) Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (8)

When it comes to places like this, I really like to run my hand over the stones, and touch the remains, almost to somehow feel more connected with the place. 

Archaeological Sites Greek Ruins Kos (1) amphitheatre kos (3)

However a little further into town, is something even more impressive. An ancient Greek amphitheater.

Well it's actually called an Odeum, but both are very similar structures used for outdoor performances. This one was build in the 2nd century AD, however sadly it was damaged by an earthquake in AD 142 but it was repaired during AD 161- so you know, still pretty old.

amphitheatre kos (1) amphitheatre kos (2)Beauitful photos of Kos (3)
We wandered slowly around the ruins and odeum for hours, and yes fooling around trying to recreate some Greek tragedy on the stage. 
The sun was up high in the sky, giving us not a care in the world. 
Beauitful photos of Kos (5) Beauitful photos of Kos (1)

Kos really is more than just a party island; it really has that classic Greek charm to it which I think is often lost in the media.

Greek Ice cream

Plus anywhere that sells homemade Greek ice cream in chocolate peanut butter flavour wins my vote any day.

mediterranean delights fitness voyage (7)

But before long it was time to get back on the boat, to set sail and move onto the next stage of my adventure. 

What island would be next?



  1. I'm so jealous of your vacation!! Greece looks absolutely gorgeous!


  2. This trip just sounds unbelievable - I have yet to visit Greek not for the parties (forgive me, I was 16 and 17), and have heard that there is lots of beauty to explore, so am looking forward to doing that some day :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  3. Beautiful photos! I'm really craving a holiday right now, the thought of lying in the sun on a boat is just dreamy :) Beth xxx


  4. Your pictures are stunning, I love your ice-cream picture too x

  5. Such incredible pics. The scenery looks spectacular. And I'm definitely well jealous of the chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream! x