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Champagne Tasting with Laurent-Perrier

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Finally I feel like my life is finally coming back together again. These last few months have been a real trying time for me. I found myself needing to look for a new job, a new flat, instances of not being paid money that was owed to me and the battles that created and other stressful events. So all in all it's not been too fun.

However I think the last of all the upheaval has settled. I have a new job, a new flat. I have my money, and it's Christmas! Which is why I think it was a fitting time to celebrate.

You might have seen on my blog and various social media accounts, that I love Laurent-Perrier champagne. I was only introduced to it less than six months ago, but it has risen to the top of my list and I genuinely admire the brand. 

So when asked if I'd like to have a intimate private tasting with them at the Corinthia Hotel, well let's just say, I didn't complain.


The Basson bar in the Corinthia is just stunning, but not just for what's visible at a quick glance, oh no, this bar has been created with such attention to detail, it surpasses anything I've come across before.

The Basson bar is a music bar, with live music every night from 9pm. Music is at the heart of everything, from the ceiling edges having piano keys etched in, to the door handles being bassons. If I'm ever going to use the word luxury, I think this is it, as each wall panel square cost over £1000- although for a good reason. They are actually made of sting ray skin. Make of that as you will.


For the occasion and as I was taking my partner along, I decided to dress up a little. Sadly my ASOS dress is sold out online, however, this House of CB dress is near identical.


Once settled in, we kicked off the tasting with a champagne I had never heard of, let alone tried.

I might like to drink champagne, but I've never claimed to know too much of the details. However I learnt a few things, so have you got you thinking caps on, as I'm going to teach you a thing or two but in a very condensed not technical way. Just think, you can impress your friends next time.

So we started with Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut.

With Ultra Brut, after being pressed in tanks, the wine goes straight into the final bottles. These bottles are tilted and turned over a long period. Eventually all the sediment ends up at the neck of the bottle. To get rid of this they have temporary caps placed on the top while they are riddled (the official name for turning). Once the sediment is all in the neck of the bottle, it is frozen. This frozen pellet can then be removed from the bottle.

However some liquid is lost, so to make up the full amount, champagne is usually  topped up with dosage. This usually has added sugars in it to make sure the taste is as sweet. However, Laurent-Perrier asserted its independence by creating a new style of wine: unadorned and pure. Effectively no added sugar.

Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier is champagne at its purest, with zero dosage.

IMG_1598 IMG_1601 IMG_1603

This does of course make it a non sweet, very dry and sharper drink, less easy drinking, but one with a cleaner, fresher taste.

It actually cuts through all other flavours, and so makes it a good drink as a palate cleanser. Thinking of Christmas, it would go so well to balance out all the crazy different flavours that happen on Christmas day!


Next we had the champagne that most people know and love. Brut.

So Brut is called Brut, because in decades gone by, champagne used to be incredibly sweet, almost a dessert wine. However fashions changed and people wanted less sweet stuff. The drink that became Brut was born and people were shocked and said it was 'Brutish' and so well the name stuck.


Laurent Perrier's Brut is a much lighter drink than the ultra, which makes it a more 'everyday' drink- well not quite everyday, although what a good life that will be.

It's just sweet enough, to enjoy leisurely, glass after glass.

IMG_1640 IMG_1626

Finally we had what is just my favourite, the Cuvee Rose.

Anytime before 1968, making non-vintage rosé champagne was just not the done thing. However again Laurent-Perrier once again became pioneers of Rosé became one of the first to create Rosé and helped popularise it.

Rose wine is an interesting one to make. It is made from pinot noir grapes, and yet when you actually squeeze the juices out they run clear. So how is it pink? Well it's the skins that have the colour, so they are left to soak in the liquid, dyeing it naturally so to speak.

Pretty cool eh?

IMG_1631 IMG_1638

The rose is just just so lovely. Sweet, fruity, and light enough to drink a fair few glasses. 


After our tasting, it was time to mix things up a little, and try our hand behind the bar at champagne cocktail making.

I made a wonderfully fresh Bellini.


This face was me trying to do the bar tender throw up and catch method- the other photos were not so elegant.

IMG_1664 IMG_1674 IMG_1675

Ta da! I actually think these would be great to serve at a New Years Eve party as they are really simple to serve. Laurent Perrier, juice and a touch of cream on top.

Now it was time for Dan and his classic "manly" twist. Cognac, grand marnier and champagne.

IMG_1680 IMG_1689

Both these photos I laughed at for the look of sheer concentration on Dan's face. Nothing can be done halfheartedly.

IMG_1698 IMG_1695

But it was worth it, as this was the rather dashing result.


We took the drinks back to our table and chatted the rest of the night away.

I'm planning to surprise my parents with a bottle for Christmas dinner as coming back home and being their guest I feel I should make an effort.

If you need something nice for your dinner of New Year's party, check out Laurent-Perrier. I'd say go for the Rose, as you just can't beat it in my eyes.

Have a great Christmas thought whatever you do.


  1. love your posts !! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

  2. There's no better day than a day with champagne! This looked like so much fun. I'll have to try the Rose champagne over Christmas - it looks divine.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Colleen x


  3. What an awesome invite, who doesn't love LP and I love that brut comes from 'brutish'! Merry Christmas :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions