Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

I love dinner parties, having friends round the table, giggling over fond memories and one to many wine glasses.

Problem is, I actually don't own a dinning table... seriously London living for those of us who aren't rich is just a bit cray... but anyways whilst enough ranting, it does mean I can't host any friends over for dinner.

Well EatAbout seem to understand this problem and have come up with a rather genius idea.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me talk about how I want to branch out and try new products, experiment more and mix it up beauty wise as I tend to use the same products all the time. I've used the same foundation, same shampoo and same deodorant for years. I'm a creature of habit shall we say. So after I heard about the new Champneys Detox range, I had to give it a go.

They asked me if I'd like to try their new Seaweed Detox range, specifically trialling their new Detox in a Box for 5 days. Now I've passionately said on my blog I'm doing no detox's, but fear not, I'm not back peddling as this is a beauty detox, not one of those silly juice diets. Come on now, you know I love pizza and cocktails too much.

The Detox in a Box is about detoxing your skin using the power of sea, more specifically your lower body. Hips, butt and thighs. This is perfect for me actually as they are the areas that I pay attention to in the gym. I'm a curvy, hipp-y, butt kind of gal and so want to look after them, but also I suffer quite badly from cellulite, with it covering most of my thighs and butt.

The sea is actually an incredible natural source of rich minerals and plant life that have active ingredients that refresh and replenish your skin. The Detox in a Box products all contain seaweed and mineral sea salt in them, which have all been sourced from the British Coast, so if you're an ethical beauty lover, then you're in luck. Seaweed has been going round the beauty circles as the new wonder product, as it encourages skin to tone, stimulate repair and also naturally cleanse and flushes our dirt and grime.

So the box contains 4 products all put together by the experts at Champneys- the Original Health Spa, which are all about, smoothing, tightening and firming. Sounds like my kind of collection.

The first is the skin firming scrub and body massager. Now I know as someone who suffers from cellulite I really should be scrubbing and massaging my skin regularly, but yep, I don't, as I'm a little lazy. Well I'm here to change that. So I'm looking forward to seeing the results after 5 days.

Next there is hip and thigh mud. This is heavy on the seaweed as it's supposed to deeply impact your skin, letting the seaweed reinvigorate you're the thigh skin. It does says it requires 20 minutes to let it set.... This could be interesting trying to find something to do in this time. Dancing maybe?

Finally there is a body butter. I love a good body butter, so seeing as this is 'Firming' I'm hoping it will make my skin feel tight and fresh.

Now also as part of the trial they asked me to watch my diet for 5 days. Basically 'eat clean'. This was because we all know diet plays such a big role in skin appearance, so to make sure my pizza habit wasn't going to make skin worse during those 5 days, I had to give it up.

Also as this was body detox, the requirements are also to add seaweed to my meals, as seaweed is a natural body cleanser and encourages repair. Like I said before it's been hailed as the new superfood for 2016. Move over kale, its seaweeds turn to shine.

Now I've only ever had seaweed from the Chinese takeaway, you know the salty fried stuff? Yeah I don't think that will quite cut it this time.

So with everything in place, I was set for the next 5 days. I used all 4 products every evening, and used the seaweed in meals 3 times.

The Seaweed Clean Eating

I actually recently bought The Body Coach's new Lean In 15 book, so this was perfect for this. I made chicken salads, curry, quesadillas and more. I used the seaweed almost like an herb. I just sprinkled it on once I dished up, so I topped chicken salads with it, and mixed it into curries. I'll be honest, I didn't really taste it, it's not got a strong flavour, and I don't know if I feel any different taking it. I mean I only used it 3 times, and I'm not sure if I'm actually supposed to feel different, but I did do some research and it is good for me, and promotes repair, so then it's very easy to just throw on food. A bit like taking a multi vitamin.

The Detox in a Box

Day 1 was definitely an eye opener as to how long a proper beauty routine takes. First as I showed I used the scrub and massager. The scrub isn't as tough as some I've had in the past, so won't make you ultra-smooth after the first go, but then it's gentle enough for everyday and over time use. I found the massager weird at first, as it's actually quite hard, and so running it over my body was a bit of a shock.

Once I got out, it was time to lather myself in mud. Now that was rather a fun experience! Although standing around for 20 minutes wasn't too fun. I thought it would set rock solid, but it doesn't. It sets a little but it's still sticky, so don't sit down!

Then once washed off, I applied the body butter. This was really nice and thick and smelt great.Once everything was done, I have to say, my skin felt really smooth, my fingers sort of glided over my legs.

Days 2-4 I repeated this every day, and yes the time it took was a bit of a pain, however by day 4 my skin felt suppler and more refreshed. It had this really nice gloss to it too. I was really starting to love the mud, as my skin had this great firm feeling to it after I'd used it. Actually taking the time to do the routine was really nice. I felt like I was claiming back time for myself, and was taking care of myself. After I'd finished I had that nice warm, reinvigorated feeling.

So after 5 days of use, what did I think?

My skin is actually a lot softer, smoother and suppler, definitely. It's also got a gorgeous sheen to it. Personally I would probably use a more tough scrub as I love that deep clean feeling, like it's really taking the dead skin away. However that mud, oh I do love that mud. It's a pain for 20 minutes, but it sure does tighten up that skin.

I'm also going to continue to use the massager, as I found it was great for a post workout massage, and helped my muscles relax and not ache as much. I'll do anything to ease those dreaded DOMS!

For someone who has stuck to the same products for years, this has definitely been a wakeup call, and also a realisation that to achieve results you need to put a little time and effort it. Who knew the power of the sea could be so refreshing?

This is one detox I do approve of.

The Champneys Detox In a Box is available from Champneys Store or Boots
Thomas's Restaurant at Burberry (4)

Yesterday I had an urge to go for Brunch. I used to go for brunch all the time, but it had sadly  became something less and less frequent. However, I forced myself out of bed at a normal hour, put on something other than a Star Wars T-Shirt and joggers, and found myself outside Burberry.

No I wasn't here to shop, as well, post Christmas, the budget doesn't quite stretch that far, however where it does stretch to is Brunch, For Burberry have their very own restaurant, tucked away inside the store on Regent's Street.

Fashion and food? Oh I have a good feeling about this place.

Ah January, its such a funny month. A month filled with guilt, new diets, crazy amounts of gym classes and lots of 'New Year, New Me' sayings batted about. I wrote about healthy places to eat out so your social life didn't suffer, however sometimes you just want to say stuff the diet, stuff January detox and just go out and have fun.

So what better way than to go all out? Say hello to the bottomless brunch. Yup its a thing. Some are unlimited food, and some are unlimited booze, but the really good ones are both! Enjoy.

Pink Soda Sport (5)

New Year, New You. We hear these words over and over again. What do they really mean? In most cases very little. I can say this because I’m a prime example of one of those people. I think I vowed last year to give up alcohol! Ha! Try telling that to my boyfriend as he found me asleep on the bathroom floor after my birthday night out.

We often set ourselves these ridiculous resolutions with no chance of ever completing them. The main reason we fail is that we don’t even know why we are doing them. "I want to loose weight" But why?

Well hello 2016, you’ve crept up on me pretty fast. 2015 was a crazy year for me, I swear I’ve never been so busy in all my life… or as emotionally up and down, as there have been some amazing highs, but also some lows.

2015 honestly has made me question a lot of things, challenged me, and made me want to change things and set some new goals.

Social media lately has been getting to me a bit (I’ll get onto that more lately) which got me thinking a whole lot. I kept seeing lots of 2015 reflection posts, which showed the awesome things people had done, however I kept thinking about all the shit in mine. This made me realise I wanted to write all this down, make a concious effort to reflect on the good times and not forget them, but also say, hey, it’s ok to not be perfect, it’s ok to feel crap. Yes it’s horrible, but it happens to even those whose life looks “perfect” on social media (I’m not saying mine is as at all, but you catch my drift).

This is a pretty darn honest post of mine, so be kind, but also share you two cents as well. Enjoy.

I’ll be honest, I had no burning desire to go skiing. Really, it just wasn’t something that I had much interest in. I saw it as a middle class activity for those who wore Barbour and who’s Dads liked golf and had a cocktail cabinet.

However a month ago I found myself in Val D’isere saying the term “Blue Bird Day”, drinking Vin Chaud and finding myself very comfortable indeed. Needless to say my outwardly view was wrong, and I may have caught the skiing bug. Yes, you may say “I told you so”.

I had so many ideas in my head about what skiing would be like, and most of them were wrong, so I thought I’d put together a some tips for your first time skiing. Thing’s I’d have liked to have known, and some little nuggets of info from one newbie to another.