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EatAbout with Emma Spitzer

Monday 25 January 2016

I love dinner parties, having friends round the table, giggling over fond memories and one to many wine glasses.

Problem is, I actually don't own a dinning table... seriously London living for those of us who aren't rich is just a bit cray... but anyways whilst enough ranting, it does mean I can't host any friends over for dinner.

Well EatAbout seem to understand this problem and have come up with a rather genius idea.

You gather your dinner party guests together, and then you choose a chef to privately cook for you... but in their house, not yours. You might think, eh? And yes, before Thursday I was a little hesitant too, however I thought I'd see what it was all about. So off I trotted to Emma Spitzer's house. Yes, the woman who was a finalist on Master Chef. 

See, they have some rather good chefs onboard. I'm going to guess she's a better cook than me...

Emma, a mum of three, was runner up on Master Chef 2015, using Middle Eastern influences in her food. 

Her home was our dinner setting for the night. It was a cute, spacious location, which she had decorated the table with thought and care.

I loved her canvas of the comments she received during Master Chef- genius.

After I'd done gawping at her house (I have a thing for interiors) we started the dinner party. Everything was already prepared and set up. Another bonus of not having a dinner party at your  own house, the setting up is covered. 

Soon the food started, with first, an Amouse bouche of curried humous, cauliflower & cashew nuts which I have to say was just fantastic. Apparently there was over 10 spices in it alone! I think this would beat any dinner party I would host.

The starter was just my thing- beetroot with burrata & hazelnuts. I discovered burrata last year and fell a little bit in love with it. Well a huge hunk of cheese really is just my dream. 

I could go on to write about the wonderful cohesion of flavours etc etc, but lets be honest now, you know as a Master Chef finalist, the food was incredible, plus I'd never be able to express just how good it really was. But I will say this. The burrata was so creamy and smooth, it was the best one I've had.

After a good lot of talking and wine, the mains came out, Pan-seared sea bass with chermoula over spiced chickpeas.

I'm not normally a fish person, but this paired with the chermoula (a sort of middle eastern pesto to you and me) was damn fine.

I love dinner parties, even more so than dinning out, as you can loosen up a bit. You can raise your voice more, without having to worry about the table next to you. Laugh hysterically at that joke, and the night tends to go on far longer than it would in a restaurant.  

Which meant by the time dessert arrived it was already 11pm (Dinner started at 7:30pm)

But I've never let a thing like time stand in my way of chocolate. Especially a Salted caramel and chocolate melting pot!

Just divine.

Oh go on then. A close up.

We were nearing the end of the night- literally- as we wrapped up with tea and chocolates. 

Emma who had come over sporadically throughout the night, finally hung up her apron and chatted to us in more detail. She is utterly lovely. 

But as midnight approached it was time to head back to my own home. Well even the cat was yawning.

On my way back, I had a rather lovely thought about not having to do the washing up. Now that's a dinner party concept I like!

Have your own dinner party with EatAbout 


  1. Wow! Who thought of this concept?! I'm always surprised with things people come up with.
    Seems like an interesting dinner idea. My only concern is that sometimes you don't feel comfortable in someone else's house. But looks like you had a good time.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  2. I like the concept on the face of it but would be scared about the setting etc. And what are prices like? I can imagine Emma's food was fab though! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. Hi Andrea, I'm one of the co-founders at EatAbout. Not to worry about the settings as all our chef's have been thoroughly checked and vetted. Our prices range from everything between £5-£50 depending on the chef and their menu's. We would love to host you sometime!

  3. Mmmm delicious lucky you, a dinner party by a Masterchef finalist x

  4. great idea!! (and yes am with you on the washing up issue).