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Thomas's at Burberry

Monday 18 January 2016
Thomas's Restaurant at Burberry (4)

Yesterday I had an urge to go for Brunch. I used to go for brunch all the time, but it had sadly  became something less and less frequent. However, I forced myself out of bed at a normal hour, put on something other than a Star Wars T-Shirt and joggers, and found myself outside Burberry.

No I wasn't here to shop, as well, post Christmas, the budget doesn't quite stretch that far, however where it does stretch to is Brunch, For Burberry have their very own restaurant, tucked away inside the store on Regent's Street.

Fashion and food? Oh I have a good feeling about this place.

Thomas's Restaurant at Burberry (3)

Roll Neck- George at Asda
Bag- Coach

No I wasn't wearing anything from Burberry, however the woman in Burberry actually asked me was my skirt one of theirs. So turns out I may have well found a 'Dupe'. This skirt is actually my favorite piece I own currently, as it is just so unbelievably pretty. It's from a brand called Self Portrait, and trust me, everything they make is just girly and stunning. I had to be dragged out of Selfridges before I blew my credit credit.

I might be standing outside a designer shop, but I've always liked mixing high street with more high end. Take my roll neck. It's from George at Asda, and yet it's super soft and as a basic, works great against the super detailed skirt.

Thomas's Restaurant at Burberry (2)

Once inside the store, there is a small corridor just off the main shopping section. Above it is a discreet sign that says Thomas's. If you didn't know, you'd probably walk right past it.

OK so a did have one bit of Burberry on me. I thought it only correct to bring my Burberry purse for the occasion 

Thomas's is a light, peaceful restaurant. I don't think it's too known about yet, as it wasn't too busy for a Sunday lunchtime, but that's just perfect for me. I'd recommend sitting upstairs, as the big windows let so much light in.

The waiters are suited and booted here, so I wouldn't turn up in joggers (or that Star Wars T-Shirt) but don't think you can only go if you dress in designer gear. It's not pretentious in the slightest, and everyone was very friendly, even laughing with me when I dropped an egg on the table (long story, but typical me), rather than roll their eyes. 

Thomas's Restaurant at Burberry (15)

Apart from wine, the drinks menu is quite small, however I started by ordering Thomas's Gin and Tonic which was made with orange bitters, which was really refreshing.

Having looked over the menu, we decided to share two mains and something from the Aga, which anything saying it comes from an Aga instantly wins my approval. 

We had Scotch buttermilk pancakes with honeycomb, Brown Cow yogurt and rhubarb compote. They were actually really decent pancakes, however I wish they had been a little bigger. They were so good, they were gone in an instant. 

We also shared a full English with toast. Again it was good, although wasn't the most amazing full English I've had, but certainly wasn't bad and you wouldn't come away disappointed.

Everything is perfectly arranged, and no expense is spared with cutlery or design. 

However the thing I got most excited about- well second actually as I was obsessed with the monogrammed knives a little too much- was the Aga treats I mentioned. Well I ordered scones with clotted cream and jam.

And I was not disappointed. Warm, crumbly, with really good cream. I was a happy bunny. 

I'm now a little bit obsessed with monochrome knives. Would it be too much to get my name on a set? Probably, seeing as my knives usually cut up cheese on toast. 

Now that's the perfect way to end a Sunday brunch.

Mopping up the crumbs, we headed out onto the streets again, and of course being of Regent Street, it would be rude not to pop into a few of the shops on the way home.

So even if you can't afford to shop in Burberry, Thomas's is a little piece of this British classic. Plus when your friends ask what you did at the weekend, you can casually say 'Oh just spent a few hours in Burberry'. And between you and me, sometimes I just want food more than new clothes.

(Thomas's has a small section down the side bar)


  1. food looks yum, your skirt is to die for
    Keep in touch,

  2. That skirt is beautiful - I've just been drooling over the rest of the Self Portrait designs on the Selfridge site, they are so intricate! Anyway back to the brunch - I think it looks a perfect portion for me but can't help but think that my other half would be wondering where the rest of it is! So maybe being that it's in Burberry it would be one for a girl's day out.

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  3. Your pictures in this post are absolutely fab, and I would never have heard of this place if it wasn't for this post! Food looks good although portions are a bit small... Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  4. great post and i must say,everything looks really nice and yummy! Your outfit is fabulous,i totally adore your skirt (ahh i want one so much)it is absolutely stunning and gorgeous! You look amazing xx

  5. you look Pretty and Foods are yummy ♥♥ love it all ♥♥

  6. The food looks incredible - especially the scones! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time :- )x

  8. Look at you gorgeous lady - look incredible!
    Don't even get me started on the food..my boyfriend is called Tom so I'm going to HAVE to take him here (any excuse aye....)
    Elle Bloggs