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Why I Don't Need a New Year's Resolution

Monday 11 January 2016
Pink Soda Sport (5)

New Year, New You. We hear these words over and over again. What do they really mean? In most cases very little. I can say this because I’m a prime example of one of those people. I think I vowed last year to give up alcohol! Ha! Try telling that to my boyfriend as he found me asleep on the bathroom floor after my birthday night out.

We often set ourselves these ridiculous resolutions with no chance of ever completing them. The main reason we fail is that we don’t even know why we are doing them. "I want to loose weight" But why?

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There are a few things I want to change in my life, and yes my health is one of them. In the last few months with all the stress going on (you can read about it here) I stopped going the gym, and stopped cooking. I gained 21lbs and to be honest I’m sluggish, breaking out and generally feel not my greatest.

I knew if I set myself the New Year’s resolution of trying to loose 21lbs I’d fail hopelessly. I’d get disheartened and eat a large Dominos to myself. Yes, I’m that girl.

I wouldn't be addressing the real issue. That being, that my confidence and happiness has declined. So this is what I need to work on this New Year. Me.

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So instead there are no New Year’s resolutions for me, not in the typical sense anyway. Instead all I’m doing is taking up an old hobby and going back to the gym, not because I want to loose weight, but because it actually used to make me feel good. I liked going. If you don't like going, don't go. There are plenty of other ways to exercise. Get on a bike and ride around your park. Put on a pair of roller skates and have some fun. Do some yoga. There's loads of ways, but it should not be pressurized. For me, there's no pressure to lose weight, no pressure to go every day. Just go when I want to go and do the exercises that I enjoy.

I’ve also decided to eat better. But again, I’m not setting myself a goal to ‘eat clean’, just instead try and cook from scratch as often as I can. If I cook spaghetti bolognaise with cheese so be it, but it’s better than a Dominos for sure.

I'm going to be trying new things to break myself out of my rut. Try new recipes, new beauty products, new gym classes. If I don't like them, then they don't stay, but you never know maybe I'll discover something that I absolutely love, and it wont feel like a challenge to stick to it.

I'm going to be documenting all of this on the blog over the coming months, so you can follow my journey and hopefully try a few things with me.

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Pink Soda Sport (1)

Crop Top- Pink Soda Sport
Leggings- Pink Soda Sport

In the mean time to get me started Pink Soda Sport from JD Sports sent me some new workout gear to get me feeling good about myself. I love the wild pattern on them, it just yells "I'm proud and not a wall flower". Plus the material has great stretch in it- good for us girls with curves as trying to get a pair of leggings over a butt is tough!

I'll admit I was pretty nervous squeezing myself into a pair of leggings and God forbid a crop top, let alone being photographed in it on the streets. My legs aren't skinny and I don't have abs. However my resolution is about finding my confidence again and so sod it, here I am.

So I'm off to the gym tomorrow to workout at my own pace because I want to. But hey, maybe you'll see me on some blades in Hyde park soon. I don't think you'll miss me in these leggings!


  1. I love the Pink Soda range and you look amazing in it Laura! I'm the same as you, I haven't set any resolutions however my goals for this year are hopefully to get fitter so I'm going to go running with my friend and I do ok with healthy eating, but I definitely need to make my lunches the night before so I have a healthy lunch with me xx

    Hannah | loveiconfantasyego.com

  2. I didn't even know Pink Soda did sports wear! I'm like you I sometime burn out on exercise, my goal this year is to do shorter sessions but make them count.

  3. Ermmm you put on 21lbs but your waist looks like THAT? Amazing girl!!! You look stunning. I'm with you on no new year resolutions, just trying to be happier is the best thing you can do xxx

  4. woww,,,, its really amazing !! love your outfit ♥♥♥

  5. You look incredible and that outfit is gorgeous. Any stunning printed sportswear gets me motivated to go out and flaunt it as I sweat like a pig on a run :'D

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear