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Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Friday 26 February 2016
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (1)

Finally I got to try a restaurant which I've been meaning to do for no word of a lie, about 2 years.

I heard about Flat Iron doing amazing steak at amazing prices years ago, but with a no booking policy as seems to be the (annoying) trend in London, and queues out the door every time I walked past, it just never happened.

Fast forward to now, and they've opened up another restaurant. A bigger and better restaurant (edit: they don't do bookings as I first thought. But if you go into the restaurant in person like we did they will hold a table for you at a certain time later on) in Covent Garden.

So after me and Ella left a rather dull party early (was the cleaver a sign of how things had got?), we found ourselves wondering what to do with our Friday night. Steak is always a good idea, no?

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (19)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (6)

Now I'm not sure if I never fully understood the concept, or after 2 years I'd forgotten, but the menu is very straightforward. 

There is one option. It's steak- duh! and its a Flat Iron steak- Double Duh!

Oh and it costs ten freaking pounds. £10! For a steak. In London. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (5)

If that wasn't generous enough, they even give you popcorn whilst you wait. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (15)

Now I'd love to say we in our slightly over the top steak night outfits, were the air of sophistication...

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (1)

But no. Of course not. Cue playing around as murderers with the steak cleaver. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (4)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (3)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (2)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (8)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (10)

The staff, potentially fearing for their safety, quickly gave us our food.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (14)

So here it is, the crowning glory. 

Apparently a Flat iron steak is the American name for the butlers' steak in the U.K. I've lived in the UK all my 24 years and never heard of this but OK. It's cut from the shoulder and has a rich, deep flavour with a good amount of marbling. 

It's considered not as good quality as your rib eyes or sirloin, but then hence your price difference. However by no means is this a bad steak, oh no, oh no! The steak is beautifully juicy and rich, which cut with not too much effort. 

I'm not saying it's close to being on par with Goodmans or Hawksmoor, but for £10, you certainly won't be disappointed. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (9)

Whilst only one main is on offer, you can choose your sides, with beef dripping chips and a very good creamed spinach on offer. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (13)

Don't forget about the drinks too. 

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (11)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (7)

I'd really recommend the plum aperol spritz. It was so delicious, I had to consciously pace myself from gulping it right down.

Flat Iron is the kind of place you can come down at what ever time with a friend or two for some low cost catching up, yet with an amazing atmosphere, and great food. 

Now just before we left, I was once again caught by surprise. This time because we were told to get ice cream. Well do I want to buy a dessert...

I didn't need to worry, a salted caramel ice cream is free for everyone who eats there! Yes really!

Flat Iron, Covent Garden (20)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (16)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (18)
Flat Iron, Covent Garden (17)

And it's darn good ice cream too! 

Cheap, but not cheerful in that sense. Actually a really really good place to go for a meal, it lived up to my hopes 2 years ago. 

Get your butt down there as soon as you can. 


  1. Ooh this looks really good -and such a reasonable price too! Yummy.

  2. Steak followed by free ice cream - I'm sold!!

    Victoria x

  3. I love Flat Iron!! Such good value and so tasty too. And always a good cocktail. Going to Covent Garden next time for the ice-cream too! x

  4. Love your dress and imotions.. ahhaha. super.

  5. That steak looks very substantial for a tenner - thanks for the recommendation (and salted caramel icecream - OMG yum!!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  6. I've been and loved it but clearly need to return ASAP as free salted caramel ice-cream was definitely NOT on the menu when I visited ;) it is fab though! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  7. Just wrote a review of the same place! Had such a good time :)

  8. Such amazing value, especially given that you get a free dessert! Now if I can just brave the queues...

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure