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Healthy Food Delivered To Your Door With Mindful Chef

Thursday 10 March 2016

I'm not a natural born chef. I'm a natural born eater that's for sure, but when it comes to cooking, it's just not in my nature to start to whip up something from scratch. 

I'd love to say it's because I don't have enough time, but lets get real here, its really because I'm too lazy.

I really do want to kick my bad habits of takeout and quick packet foods, so when I heard about Mindful Chef, the wholesome delivery service that sends you 4 meals worth of food, already weighed out, just ready for you to bung in a pan, I thought I really had no excuse this time. 

It's a pretty simple concept; each week there are 4 new recipes which are both nutritious and innovative. You can choose if you want 2, 3, or 4 days worth of food. Yes sadly you will have to fend for yourself for 3 days. 

Then once you order, the exact ingredients comes already weighed out in the correct measurements. 50g of hazelnuts needed? Exactly 50g will come. 1 teaspoon of garam masala? Yep, 1 teaspoon will be sent to you. I have a habit of getting really into something one time, will buy all these weird and wonderful spices and then never use them again, so this eliminates that problem. 

All the ingredients is organic and comes from independent West Country farmers. Another thing I've been meaning to do is support more farmers and shop less at supermarkets... ah so many good intentions. 

The recipe cards are so straight forward. No technical knowledge required. Just a sharp knife and a bit of salt and pepper. Yes you will be required to still chop things. Well you can't have it handed to you all now.

I've never seen my kitchen so colorful!

Ta da! My own cooking with my own fair hands. I  don't think I've ever taken a picture of my food at home as usually its something less than picture worthy. 

You can just see how healthy it looks with all the vibrant colors of the vegetables. And just look at that hunk of meat. Mmmm. Oh and for you veggies. Don't worry, they do vegetarian options too. 

All the meals are genuinely delicious. My boyfriend actually said to me "So you can actually cook eh? Going to have to get you cooking more" Cheeky thing. 

My problem with recipes are usually you have camps of extremes. Gluttonous rich food which is delicious, but with all the fat and cream and cheese is less than ideal. Or you have the bland healthy stuff that just wants to make you not bother eating. 

Well Mindful Chef use a lot of spices, pastes and other natural flavours, which really does make tasty dishes. 

Now for you eagle eyed viewers, you might have seen I had 4 recipe cards but only 2 meals. Well I made the mistake of ordering when I was going away for part of the week, so my boyfriend polished off the other too. But you can just order the amount you need, so if your not going to be in for some of the week, just order 2 days worth. 

Of course, the prices aren't as cheap as if you did an economical food shop at Asda and bought in bulk, but at £7 a meal it's far cheaper than a takeaway or even not much more than a microwave meal which can be around £5.

Oh and they are not just London based. They are the whole of the UK. So why not give it a whirl if you need some motivation to get back in the kitchen.


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  2. I really want to try Mindful Chef, I've only heard good things!!! Love Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. Olivia Parker - Community Manager at Mindful Chef11 March 2016 at 18:10

      Hey, we'd love you to try our food - pop an email to olivia@mindfulchef.com and I can send you a welcome discount code to try us out x

  3. This sounds fab - I've tried a couple of other services like this before like Hello Fresh and Gousto. It's a really good way of trying out new recipes and shows you that scratch cooking isn't too bad!!

    Elle Bloggs