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Ladylike Leather

Monday 21 March 2016
Launer Bag (4)

My own personal style seems to have shifted quite frequently, as I've noticed it getting more lady like, probably because most of my day I'm at work wearing knee length skirts and blouses, and it's too much effort to take a change of clothes with me if I want to go out afterwards.

However there are those times when I want to add a bit of edge. Toughen things up. And for that, you really can't go wrong with leather.

Launer Bag (1)

I love the contrast of this look between the very lady like Launer Handbag- they make The Queen's handbags- and the tough leather trousers.

The bag is my new love. The leather is soft, yet firm. It's elegant, yet the colors make it fun and youthful. Swish it over the shoulder for a more casual look, or take off the strap and carry it on the crook of your arm for real lady like charm. 

Launer Bag (3)

Trousers: Maniere De Voir
Bag: Launer*
Heels: Yull

Launer Bag (6)
Yull Shoes (1)

How amazing do these details look? The very cool lace up trousers, and are those lightning bolts on those shoes? Yes sir they are!

Launer Bag (7)
Launer Bag (2)

A good bar outfit perhaps? Perfect for that long weekend coming up then.


  1. Ahh as soon as I saw the first photo of the shoes I knew they were Yull! Sarah is a friend of mine and it's been so brilliant seeing how well her shoe business has done over the past few years. I have a few pairs myself and LOVE them!

    C x | Lux Life

  2. That bag - wow!

  3. I love you and your blog, but have to say don't think this outfit works in my opinion. I don't like the clashing accessories and the think the top with those trousers don't actually work, nor the shoes with those trousers really... It's probably because I'm not a massive fun of those trousers but LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag and if I had to style it with those trousers I'd have gone with a white crisp shirt untucked and maybe white trainers or pumps? You look gorgeous nonetheless x

    1. That's fair enough. I think a white shirt would be nice actually. I might try that next time :) x

    2. That's fair enough. I think a white shirt would be nice actually. I might try that next time :) x

  4. Love the leather trousers :-) x

  5. Breathtaking look...cheers!