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Farfetch And The Chocolate Factory

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Is there really anything better than chocolate?

Well I can think of a few things... but one of those is most definitely fashion and chocolate combined.

I was invited to Farfetch, the one stop shop for fashion, to come discover what they are all about, whilst being treated to a chocolate masterclass. So you might want to grab your wallet and have a snack handy when you read this.

Farfetch is an online retailer that bring together over a 1000 different boutiques in one place. From big names, to small little labels that you might not otherwise have heard of. But what is great about them is that when you order from Farfetch, your order is delivered directly from the boutique to your door, rather than hollered up in some mass warehouse. And we like to support the little guy right?

They've just moved in to a swanky new London office, and so to toast the space, they invited over The Cocoa Box to throw a a different sort of welcome party. A chocolaty one.

I'm usually not one for chocolate cocktails, as they tend to get rather sickly, and also fill you up pretty quick, however I have to say The Cocoa Boxes was pretty darn good.

With a few of those under my belt, it was time to learn the ways of chocolate. I was going to make my own truffles. Now I was told these were very easy to make, and yet I still have the memory of me trying to make my mum some for mothers day one year and right royally messing it up. Don't ask me how.

If this is what Farfetch has clothing wise, take my card now, I need that jacket.

Before we got stuck in with the truffles, we were given a crash course in chocolate. 

I'm going to give you the short version, which you can take a few points away, so you won't be fooled by crap chocolate. Always handy, as chocolate is a serious game.

Chocolate should be glossy. You know when you see chocolate with that white stuff on top (technical term), this indicates bad preservation.

Chocolate should be smooth and silky. Good quality chocolate melts in the mouth. If you ever get that gritty sort of feel, bin it. It's rubbish chocolate and not worth the calories. This is all to to do with a high content of cocoa butter (that's what is above). The more cocoa butter, the better the quality.

Chocolate with less than 50% cocoa solids won't have much "real chocolate" in it. Well it's only 50% made of it. The rest is sugar and God knows what other ingredients. It's not only worse for you, but it won't have that same real chocolate taste. Ideally you want anything 70% and above.

Really this is what chocolate is made of. The cocoa bean, and then below the cocoa nibs which you may have seen or used if you follow healthy baking, such as Deliciously Ella. 

They may be much better for you, but eating them on their own? Nasty.

So with a few tips under the belt, it was time to redeem my Mothers day nightmare, and make some correct truffles. 

Mix 1 part double cream with 2 parts melted chocolate. Remember 70% and above. Between 2 of use we used half a pot of double cream, and then a whole cream pot worth of chocolate.

Add in any flavorings you fancy. Orange, vanilla, booze... and then give it a good stir till it gets very stiff.

Then spoon it into a piping bag.

And then... what the? 

Yup, pipe it out into err- logs? *Hand over eyes emoji needed*

Once piped out, with a knife divide into bite size pieces, before rolling in your hand into balls. 

Ta da!

Perfect truffles. I have redeemed myself. 

Of course I took them home and devoured them in an instant.

Let me know if you make them, won't you?

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pieces from Farfetch currently. Why not browse with some chocolate eh?


  1. Haha I've had a go at truffle making myself and the piping gave me the same results... thank goodness for lots of sprinkles to hide the logs!!

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. Goddddddd I love chocolate! Such an issue in my life haha. Those truffles look epic and thanks for the method 8-) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions