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The Journey To Reykjavik, Iceland.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Iceland has been somewhere I've dreamed of going for a long time now. Ever since I saw my first photo of the Gullfoss waterfall (That's in a later post, don't worry!) I was eager to experience it myself. It seemed like the land of picturesque, peaceful hills rolling on as far as the eye could see.

I'd say that sums it up quite well, wouldn't you?

I'd been invited to discover Gourmet Iceland with Hotel Ranga, a gorgeous countryside hotel in the middle of the Icelandic South. Set away from anything else in walking distance, it was the ultimate escapism retreat.

We arrived late, but it gave me enough time to have a look around, including this scene from my room's backdoor. Room with a view indeed.

See that little hut in the middle? That is the hotels very own observatory! It's one of, if not the only hotel in Europe to have it's only observatory, and it has 3 astrologer grade telescopes. 

Oh and if you really want, you could always do star gazing from the hot tubs.

The hotel has a great alpine lodge feel to it; one that is homely and warm. 

Just watch out for some of the guests, they are a little scary...

...and strange.

Bright and early, I was off to Reykjavik, Icelands capital city. and actually the worlds most northerly capital city.

Standing tall above all other buildings is Hallgrímskirkja, is the very modern looking cathedral. Inside it has a strange haunting feeling, as it's rather bare, but striking. 

But it's at the very top of the tower that the best part is.

360 views of Reykjavik. 

Reykjavik is rather striking, as it's a mix of colourful wooden buildings, amazing mountain drop harbour views and some amazing art work.

Back in the centre of town, all that walking had made me hungry, so we stopped at Grill Market or grillmarkadurinn in Icelandic. 

Oh and just today I saw on the Daily Mail that Kim and Kanye went last night. I'd like to think I gave them the idea ;)

It's a contemporary restaurant, with wood, iron and stone interiors. Oh and the most amazing lights. 

Home interior goals. 

Grill Market work in collaboration with local farmers and they buy direct from the farmers, to ensure a sustainable way of life for Icelandic produce.  

The menu is a mix of traditional, such as fish and lamb, and modern cuisine.

The butter also is unreal here. It's mixed with ash to make a sort of salty, charcoal butter, which is the lightest, airiest I've ever had. 

One thing I didn't know was that Iceland beer is quite up and coming across the world now. Sadly the UK hasn't quite picked up on it as much, but anywhere else in Europe and also in the US, it's widely stocked. 

I dislike beer, but I was told it was very good.

What I do know though, is my cocktail was excellent. 

I decided to go for the non traditional burger, which I have to say was pretty darn good. It was made from a mixture of beef cuts which gave it this rather unusual taste, but by unusual, I mean delicious. 

Also I'm a hater of mustard, but the sauce on the side was this sweet mustard, unlike any English or French, and was amazing. I used so much of it. Iceland mustard for the win.

My companion's went for the mixed grill, of more traditional lamb and chicken. 

Iceland is know for being expensive since the banks collapsed, however for one of Reykjavik's top rated restaurant's, it was reasonably priced.  

But don't worry, no matter your budget you won't starve, or go without good food in Reykjavik. That goes for Iceland as a whole too. The place is a hidden feast. More on that in my next post.

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  1. Your hotel looks amazing, especially those outdoor hot tubs! Iceland is definitely on my bucket list now. Photography is stunning, as usual :)

    Sarah | Sequin This

  2. Gorgeous photos, I want to visit Iceland SO SO BAD.

    Sophie x

  3. That hotel looks fab! Iceland is on my to-do list, so I'm going to bookmark this hotel... x

  4. It was fab to meet you and I loved reliving the trip through your pictures! I took the same picture of the graffiti art on the cafe in Rekjavik - we made it for 2 hours yesterday!

  5. Gorgeous images. Makes me want to go to Iceland!

  6. wow ! really amazing !! especially the bar chair !!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I've always wanted to go to Iceland, it just seems somehow very magical to me.

    Laura // Middle of Adventure