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The Modern Classic

Sunday 10 April 2016
Asos black and white stripe work dress (2)

I called this look The Modern Classic as it was pretty much an oxymoron of two styles. It's got a lady like quality, yet with bright colours and bold stripes, it's certainly not something your grandma would wear.

I love to mess around with style- and while I'm told it might not always work... oh boo hoo... - I like to try new things and just have fun. Going to work everyday in an office means I tend to stick to the same old boring black dresses and trousers suits, however I recently thought I'd like to wear something a bit more interesting. Well you know what they say about sheep?

Asos black and white stripe work dress (3)

Dress- ASOS
Heels- Yull
Bag- Launer*

Similar style:

I loved the cute little wiggle dress as the cut is very flattering. Nipped in at the waist, long enough for work, yet with a subtle but sexy split meaning when you walk, you flash a bit of leg. Ooh cheeky.

I'm not saying I'd wear these shoes for my office, I think I'd have to stick with black, but maybe in a more relaxed office, or even going to the theatre or maybe a few drinks at a swanky hotel bar. 
   Asos black and white stripe work dress (4)

I've been raving about this Launer bag in recent months. If you weren't aware, Launer is the brand of bag's the Queen carries. You know, those boxy bags she has? Look closely, it has the same gold badge. Except what you probably didn't know is that they do do fun, young, trendy bags too. Although I think the Queen would look rather fetching in this pink and purple number 

Asos black and white stripe work dress (1)

I recently wore it to work and received a fair few compliments, so sometimes it's good to break the rut.

Let me know what you think below and if you have any work outfit suggestions. 

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