Top 10 London Lifestyle Blogs ... and I'm in it!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Top 10 London Lifestyle Blogs

I adore my blog. It's my little sanctuary zone, my own creation and something I could have never imagined would make me this happy. 

So when I woke up today and saw I had a little email in my inbox from Vuelio; Europe’s leading provider of software for communications, public affairs and stakeholder engagement, as well as databases of top bloggers for PRs to use, I was intrigued. So to open it up and be told I had been named one of the Top 10 London Lifestyle Bloggers was AMAZING!

Even more amazing was when I opened up the link to the lisitng, and discovered I was NUMBER 3!

NUMBER 3! *Insert one of those crazy happy dance GIFS*

This honestly makes me so happy. To think something I have created, is actually well received by people! It still blows my mind a little. I thought it was only right to include the rest of the amazing Top 10: 

1. Poppy Loves

2. Liberty London Girl

3. Heroine in Heels - me!

4. Silverspoon London

5. The LDN Diaries

6. Homegirl London

7. The London Thing

8. London Unattached

9. Zoe London

10. Lela London

Here's the official list: Top 10 London Lifestyle Blogs

So there we have it, my week made. I'm off now to go do a little happy dance of my own. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and supports my blog. Love you all!


  1. Oh well done you! I love your blog, and so pleased to see that others do too and it's being given the credit it and you deserve! x

  2. Congratulations, well deserved - I love reading your blog! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. Congratulations! Next year you deserve to make it to No 1!!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  4. Wow, well done! That's such a great achievement!<3



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