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A Spa Weekend In Hawkchurch, Devon

Tuesday 21 June 2016

I told you yesterday all about my mission to discover more of the UK after never really exploring it before. Well true to my word, I recently took my mum away for a little girlie spa weekend in Devon, as I never really get to see her much and I really should treat her more often.

We headed for Hawkchurch Resort and Spa, in the tiny village of Hawkchurch no less. Set in beautiful countryside, Hawkchurch Resort is a modern lodge retreat aimed sat those who wish to just settle into a good book, relax by the pool and take a well earned break. Sounds just bliss to me.

Soon after arriving we settled into our lodge, sinking into the sofas with a big sigh. It's almost like a home away from home, with all the home comforts plus a few extra ones.

The spa on site is an Aromatherapy Associates spa, and so in each lodge they are stocked with their products. If you don't know them, let me tell you, they smell divine!

The journey isn't too bad from London actually, but my mum traveled all the way from Warrington so by the time we arrived she was starving. Let me tell you now, Hangry was starting to surface. 

Whilst the lodges are self catering, there is an on sight restaurant, so having no food in the fridge currently, we thought it only best we try the local food.

I started with pigeon breast and walnut salad. I don't think I've ever had pigeon before, and was a little reserved as all I could think about was the hordes you see at Trafalgar Square, but actually it was pretty nice. It's alot more gamey than chicken, it's more like pheasant, and I learnt that it is best served rare.

My mum started with great huge chunks of duck parfait with tomato chutney. However sadly she wasn't actually a fan, as it was just a little too sweet.

But that didn't stop her enjoying a few cocktails.

Say hi to my mum everyone.

Do you think we are alike?

For mains we both went with the pork belly in a cider gravy. You probably know now of my love for pork belly, and this continued the love affair. Fatty, tender with a good rich sauce on top. It was homely cooking that I missed.

Of course to finish of a homely meal, nothing beats fruit crumble. When I was young at home, I used to make this often and as a family we'd sit in front of Saturday night telly with a big warm bowl. I do miss those days.

The good thing about having your own lodge is that their is no closing time, so skipping back to our new home after a few cocktails, we decided late night jacuzzi was a good idea.

Always a good idea!

In the morning, we had a lazy breakfast outside.

Now when I think of lodges I think of centre parcs, but this is nothing like it. Note the absence of children, or in fact people alike. It's very peaceful and definitely a place of escapism.

Later, we decided to leave the retreat and headed into "town" and by town I mean tiny village of Hawkchurch.

A true British quaint village, complete with church, local shop and of course, a pub. Duh.

Having picked up some supplies, and by supplies I mean local wine, we headed back for some R&R in the spa.

I actually have a funny story to tell you about the spa. We decided to use the pool first, and so we asked at reception for directions and she lead us down this corridor and pointed to the changing rooms. We headed in, changed and got in the pool. About an hour went by when we started noticing people using a different door to enter and exit. Then we noticed a pattern, women in one door, men through the door we had used... we'd used the mens changing room! The pool was busy, the changing rooms were now busy, how were we going to get out clothes back?

After deliberating what on earth we were to do, we had to ask a random man to go in and inform the men inside we were coming in. Heads slung low we rushed in and out quicker than I think we'd ever moved.

We laughed about it all the way back. Typical!

But back to the spa, like I said before, the sap is an Aromatherapy Associates spa, and very relaxing.

Sipping on peppermint tea I sunk into a chair to relax before my massage.

Using the power of scent, you choose which oil suits your needs through smell. I needed to "wake up" and so had a powerful yet invigorating aroma oil.

Feeling utterly relaxed we headed back to our lodge for a home cooked meal, wine and some girlie nattering.

There is nothing like spending time with your mum, especially when it feels like the world just halts for a couple of days. I'm certainly enjoying discovering England more.

More info at Hawkchurch Resort and Spa


  1. Ha ha that made me laugh so much that you'd been in the mens changing room! That's the sort of mistake I'd make too. Sounds like you had a lovely girls weekend together.

  2. This is a truly lovely post. Sounds like the place was amazing, I think exploring the UK is such a good idea, we have so many lovely places here that we forget to see.

  3. Hahahaha that's the sort of thing I'd do too Laura! Made me laugh! xxx

  4. such a beautiful place
    Keep in touch

  5. Looks fabulous! I'm on a UK exploring mission this summer too and a spa day is definitely in the cards!

  6. Look soooo good. I definitely want to visit X