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Finding Villa Dubrovnik with Sheradill

Friday 24 June 2016

If that isn't an entrance, I don't know what is.

I've always wanted to go to Dubrovnik. Ever since seeing it advertised in some travel brochure when I was young; the orange topped roofs stuck in my memory. Hopping onto a plane for a solo adventure, I was told by countless people that it was beautiful, but I couldn't have prepared myself for just how beautiful it really was.

Nor could I predict how beautiful my hotel was going to be. Nor how cheap! OK, so I actually have a little hack for you, on how to get cheap hotel deals at luxury places. 

I booked my hotel through a website called Sheradill. It's part of the Hip Hotel group you might have heard of. Basically, it's like a reverse auction, the price of the hotel starts at full, and slowly get's lower and lower, as people complete little tasks, such as following the hotel on Twitter, or heading to the official website. It keeps getting lower until someone decides to grab the deal. There is only one room available so it's whoever nabs it first. It's a waiting game and one of nerves, trust me it get's addictive. I managed to get 3 nights for under £100!

I've already got my eye on two more hotels in, one in Milan and one in Mexico! So fingers crossed.

Also, if you sign up using my referral code, we BOTH get 20 euros off our next hotel. It might not sound alot, but when there's currently a 3 night stay in Turkey for 90 euro on offer, 20 off sounds pretty good!

Anyways, let me show you around my bargain hotel, Villa Dubrovnik.

The white walls are an Intsagrammer's dream.

It was utterly gorgeous. Clean lines, minimalism with touches of luxury. The architecture is very modern, but with odes to the historical stone of the town.

The other guests in Villa Dubrovnik were older than me, and no one else was on their own. Whilst they gossiped about what prep schools dear Alice was looking at, whilst dipping into their Chanel bags, I happily sat there with my Gap jeans and Zara shirt, sipping on an excellent fresh juice. 

My advice to you is you should never think you won't fit into somewhere. If you want to go, you will make it work, don't worry. 

Having just arrived, and with a delay to my flight, I was starving, so I ordered some bar snacks. They do a very good steak tartar and of course my favourite thing, chicken wings. 

Oh and a very good almond flourless cake too. Well, holiday treat right?

But the real treat is the views outside. See the hotel is built into the cliff face, and so the terrace overhangs the sea, giving the most incredible sights.

And what glorious views Dubrovnik has. 

Utterly mesmerizing, it really is a place of natural and historical beauty. Everything about it, the colours, the smells, the way the wind blew, was just stunning. 

The area almost feels like it's enchanted. Like you want to run barefooted along the stones and grass, with your hair free in the wind.

I can imagine writers would love this place. The quiet, peaceful, clean air. They could just sit by the waves as they write works of wonder.

I honestly sat here on these steps down into the sea for a very long time, just watching the waves go by. It's a very serene place to come by yourself. 

When it came to dinner time, I chose to eat in the hotel restaurant as I was told they had gorgeous fine dinning and I decided to treat myself.

As a little taster I was given catch of the day sea bass, which as you would expect being a costal town, was very fresh.

For starters I went for pasta. Now I know, you might be thinking pasta in Croatia? But Croatia has had a lot of influence from other countries including Italy with its cooking, so I ordered fusilli pasta with cracked pepper and Croatian cheese. Whilst the prices aren't the cheapest, the portion was huge.

Finally for main, I had an amazing rump steak with potato rings and red wine jus. It was divine.

Dining alone in a fine dinning restaurant was rather funny, as I did get some strange looks. More from women sat with men. It gave me something to laugh about. Sipping red wine, overlooking the sea with just myself for company, it's rather bliss.

Dubrovnik really won me over on my first day. It is utterly breathtaking, and I bet the rest of town is. Until the next post then!


  1. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful hotel! I've heard of Sheradill but never used it before, definitely sounds addictive. Do you know if they have a phone app version? Sounds like I need to try it out. Mara x

  2. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time. I will definitely have to try out Sheradill :-) x

  3. Sheradill has some great minibreaks. All places are part of @HIP_Hotels. What's not to like!

  4. Sheradill has some great minibreaks. All places are part of @HIP_Hotels. What's not to like!

  5. Oh wow, it looks absolutely stunning! Definitely one to add to the list. The food and the interior, just wow!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear