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Croatian Wine Tasting

Tuesday 19 July 2016

My Med Sailors trip was coming to an end. Soon I was going back to living on dry land, and not worrying if my possessions would still be on the counters in the morning. However before I departed, it was time to see out the trip in style. With some Croatian wine tasting in Stari Grad, Hvar. 

Just behind Stari Grad town is the longest continuously cultivated vineyards (since 384 BC) on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Zuvela vineyard on the Stari Grad Plain or Hora as the Ancient Greeks is a gorgeous family run vineyard. Miles of grapes are grown here, but more importantly for us is that they do a fantastic wine tasting dinner.

Croatia (or the area as through the ages it hasn't always been Croatia) started in 2200BC and was strong. However due to the Ottoman invasion, world wars and the Yugoslavian war wine producing never recovered. However in recent years, now there is stability it is starting to flourish again.  

High up in the hills away from the town, the sights are incredible. A throwback if you will, to a simpler time.

You can wander the vineyard, and try and spot the various animals around. If you can get close to one of the running pigs you are a faster runner than I was. I blame the sandals. 

The last supper with my new crew.

The setting for the wine tasting and dinner is so cute. Wooden benches under an open air terrace that let us soak up the fresh air and beautiful views. Here, they really just let nature do the talking, almost an ode to wine making of the past.

We sampled 3 wines. A white, red and rose. Surprisingly the rose was my favorite, ad usually I'm a red wine girl. Also you can buy the wines here with them costing around £7, which for a decent non ASDA type wine, is a bargain.

Of course we had to sample some local delicacies. Cheese, salami, olives and 2 types of herring. I noticed that the meat is outstanding in Croatia. Definitely grab some cold cuts if you come. 

Sweet, crisp with a mild strawberry taste, it's very light and refreshing. Perfect for lazy afternoon picnics or lunches. 

No birds were harmed in the making of our Peka. It's a lamb and pork dish. Finally as the sun started to set we were introduced to a Croatian dish called Peka. A peka is actually the large metal baking dish which has a bell-shaped dome lid. Reminded me of a tagine pot a little. However the dish is also referred to a Peka. A slow cooked meat dish with vegetables and herbs. I don't fully know the exact ingredients in ours as the chefs didn't speak English but oh my gosh it was amazing. The lamb just melted off the bone and the herbs lifted the meat. It was incredible, truly. 

Seconds all round. 

Sadly the night drew to a close and it was time to head back to the boat for one last cabin sleep. 

My Med Sailors adventure was incredible and so much fun. Sailing the sea and discovering the most incredible sights for a week was just pure bliss. I think I could get used to this life at sea! 

More more info on Med Sailors, click here. 


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  3. Ah I have a two week Croatian island hopping adventure planned for next summer so eagerly bookmarking this!
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  4. such a beautiful place it is
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