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From Palmižana Bay to Hvar, Croatia

Thursday 14 July 2016

After sailing pretty steadily for the last few days with the motor running, we were all in a false sense of security. Lounging on deck with a glass or two of wine, baking in the sun, we almost forgot that this boat could sail.

Well with the wind picking up, we were given a rude awakening. It was time to turn off the engine and learn to deal with a rocky boat.

Everyone had a job to do. Well, photographer is a job right?...

It was a battle to get the sails up without getting knocked overboard, but luckily Skipper was on hand to avoid the inevitable.

Soon the wind caught in the sails and we were pushed forward. Sailing is very unlike driving a boat. It is a constant fight to keep it on course, and the sudden lurching takes some getting used to. I also didn't realize sailing at a 45 degree angle was normal. Talk about head rush. Everything had to be bolted down and stowed away otherwise it would go flying across the boat. 

I may have also discovered I have slight sea sickness. I didn't throw up I swear, but I wouldn't exactly call me a natural either. 

After about 3 hours of zig zagging across the sea we arrived at Palmižana Bay on the Pakleni Islands, which is just across the water from Hvar.

I'd heard about Hvar as a bit of a party destination, but Palmižana Bay was the complete opposite. Looking for utter serene and peaceful surroundings? Well, you have to see this then.

I feel it's more fitting on a tropical island in the Caribbean than Croatia.

Apart from the odd few people, it was relatively deserted, making it the perfect spot to lie back, book in hand and just listen to the waves lap the end of the beach.

Tell me that's not tropical island worthy?

I just spent a few hours doing practically nothing. There isn't much 4 or even 3G to it's a good opportunity to just switch off from the world.

Eventually I had to head back to the boat, we were catching a water taxi from the bay over to the island of Hvar. Let's see what this famous island was all about then.

With it's terracotta roofs, it had a similar feel to Dubrovnik, but just a little more modern maybe.

I think I've become obsessed with photographing old fishing towns. They are just so photogenic. Although my hardrive may hate me for the amount of space they take up. 

We wandered the tiny narrow passage ways between the houses and little corner shops selling icecream and iced coffee. Again, a little reminiscent of Dubrovnik.

Hvar is built on a hill which whilst it may be a little steep is definitely worth climbing up. If only for the vantage point for the views. 

But climb a little higher and there is the Hvar Fortress or Fortica. It was built to defend the island from the Turks. It costs 25 Kuna to get in which is around £2.5, and for that you get the most spectacular views across the harbour. 

Oh and there is a bar at the very top. Not often you can have a drink in a castle... or riding a canon if you are that way inclined.

After a couple of drinks in the castle, we decided to head down and see what the town had to offer nightlife wise. Let's just say I  don't want to include those photos. Think back to your student days of neon shots and dodgy 90s music. But, very very fun. Although sailing at 45 degrees the next day wasn't so fun!

For more info www.medsailors.com 


  1. Beautiful photos, looks like the perfect place to get away and have a break.

    Natasha | The Night is Wild

  2. Oh gosh, it looks stunning! The views look breathtaking, I'm definitely going to add Croatia to my ever-growing list!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear