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Lazy Ocean Days, Croatia

Tuesday 12 July 2016

After getting used to sleeping with a slight rock at night, it was the first morning at sea. We set sail for the ex-military island of Vis. Used as a strategic base during the war, it's been largely untouched by tourism.

The sun was out in fall force so we all decided to lounge about on deck. Well who knows when us Brits will see sun again?

It was incredibly bright and the colours really were incredible. Crisp whites, the most rich blues, and because the water was so still it gave tis fantastic creamy effect. 

After a little crash course on how to drive a boat (sailing would come later) I got behind the wheel and they let me loose. It's not like driving a car, even if you want to go straight, you have to constantly re-turn the wheel otherwise you'll end up veering off course. It's harder than it looks, although with the wind behind me and the smell of the salty sea, I could really get used to it.

After the strenuous task of having to drive the boat, I put my feet up and water the waves lap the side of the boat. My day really was that stressful...

However mid morning we decided to spice things up a bit and do paddle boarding surfing. Essentially riding a paddle board whilst the boat pulled you along. It was pretty darn hard. Non of us had ever done anything like that before, so it was going to take some getting used to. 

After a few failed attempts, Shane started to get the hang of it and made it look easy.

Which led me to think I could do it.

This was going to be a slow process...

Honesty just getting onto my knees was hard as I just couldn't find the balance to stop me getting pulled over by the boat.

Ooh, slowly


Ohhh and I was gone. 

After about the 5th attempt I finally managed to stand up, even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

We carried on our journey towards Vis. We saw the port coming up, but we decided to do a little detour before we joined the rest of the gang.

By passing the main town, we headed for a more secluded cove.

A beautiful secluded spot away from the rest of the world.

Which was the perfect calm spot to try out some more paddle boarding, This time without the boat. Well practice makes perfect. I have to say, once it was just me and the paddle, I rather enjoyed it, and surprised myself that I could actually stand up!

Salty hair, don't care.

After all that 'exercise' it was time for lunch aboard the boat.

Just enough food to replenish out energy in time for our next adventures.

For more info: www.medsailors.com


  1. Woaa I may or may not have just sent the link to my other half and am now trying to work out flights...etc to go in Sept/Oct time! YES please! Alice xxx


  2. oh my god !!! take care my darlinggg..... ♥♥