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The Most Beautiful Views In Switzerland

Tuesday 2 August 2016

I'd like to think I work hard. Take yesterday, I started my working day at 10:30am and didn't stop until midnight (when your job is a blogger, time just flies, I must have spent 5 of those hours just on emails!). However if the opportunity arises to just laze out in the sun, I'm there.

My final day in Ticino started with a lazy morning by the pool with this view. Sorry emails, but you stand no chance.

After a morning in the pool and the spa, it was time to shower off and off out to explore some more.

After a quick cab to downtown Ascona, it was onto a boat for a trip to see the botanical garden of the Brissago Islands.

The Brissago Islands are two islands located in the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore. In the garden, there are around 1700 species of plants. They come from all over the world, including Chile, South Africa, Southwest Australia and California. It's because of the year round mild temperatures and the protection from the alps that they can thrive here. 

The island makes for the most peaceful walk around. Completely surrounded by sea it's a rather unique place, and it will only take you around 45 minutes to leisurely walk all around it.

Just take a look at some of the plants you can see.

I made a friend. 

In the middle of the island is a single hotel and restaurant, although lunch with this view, I don't need other options. 

Naturally the restaurant being the only one, it's a little more pricey than ones back the main land. But the food is good, so treat yourself. 

After lunch we headed to Cardada. To get there you must take a little cable train up the mountain. 

But the views are so worth it. 

I feel like I'm saying this in every Ticino post, but these were the best views I have seen by far this year. I was just blown away at how stunning the landscape was. 

But there was more. We were wondering whether we should carry on up the mountain as looking up there was thick cloud covering the tops. Would we even see anything? Well ever the explorer, why nit try eh?

Up, up, up it went.

Tiny rain splatters hit the car window.

And with that budge of cloud approaching it didn't look promising....

But how it pulled through. Just look at that view!

The clouds and rain gave the most incredible backdrop. Adding definition to a otherwise peaceful bay.

At the very top there is a suspended footbridge over the mountain side. I stood there feeling like the king of the world!

I could have remained for hours, but the next cable car down was due. I'm glad we made the decision to go up to the top.

Time flew by and before I knew it was dinner time again (not that I'm complaining). We headed to the Golf Club at Ascona as they have a nice restaurant called BucaDiciannove.

I started with Gazpacho Andaluso with ricotta and pesto. Isn't that 3 times now I've had cold soup? Out of the three, this was definitely my favourite. Ricotta and pesto always work so well together. 

I ordered salmon for main with a sort of rice puree which sounds odd, but was really good. I couldn't come to a coastal town and not indulge in fresh fish. 

My final dessert of the trip was fresh fruit with double cream made with Gruy√®re. 

The golf club makes for a delicious meal and I'm sure if you like golf its a good place too! ;)

Ticino absolutely stole my heart. It is the most stunning place, full of incredible views, hidden gems and of course delicious food. 

I can not recommend it enough. Go check out the tourism board for more information, but I can tell you now, the weather is gorgeous right now. Cheeky weekend away? 

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