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Heathrow In Bloom: The Fragrance Map Of The World

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Airports are a sort of necessary evil. Without them we wouldn't be able to see the world, but sometimes they can feel like soulless places. I have to say Heathrow is my favourite airport from the choice for Londoners, as they have so many great shops and I always end up pocketing a few duty free buys. Which leads me on to their new installation. To celebrate the new season of fragrance, Heathrow have installed this huge fragrance wall made of 2000 fresh flowers! 

That will make your check in sweeter.

Me and Dan are off on a little city break, and so I appreciate anything cool and quirky to make my airport experience more pleasant. 

The installation in T5 was created by florist Larry Walshe who has clients include Stella McCartney, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana. Fancy. It is made from real flowers which are installed in the areas of the world which like those scents the most in their perfume. 

The map is really beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

So research has shown that us Brits love all things floral, especially rose. A rose for an English rose eh? Oriental scents such as cinnamon and ginger are preferred by those in the UAE, which actually are my favourite. Maybe I should move to Dubai? I wouldn't mind the extra sun for a while. 

If you go up to the map, you get the most incredible scent, and it lingers with you making for a great checking in.

Apparently androgynous scents are on the rise, and whilst in Heathrow I tried the new 1 Million Prive  which is technically a scent for men, but it was so good I'd wear it myself!

Fragrance  has long been known to evoke strong memories and emotions with people, which I think so many people also by perfume when travelling, as the two are powerful memory builders. Apparently 34% of women say they wear fragrance because it makes them feel happy and boosts their confidence, which I can say I fall into that statistic. 

The installation is in Heathrow T5 until Friday 24th, so if you are heading off somewhere exciting, or just dropping off a loved one, don't forget to stop by and have a smell of the pretty incredible fragrance map.  Also to commemorate Larry’s fragrance map at Heathrow, World Duty Free has created a limited edition gift wrap inspired by the installation for passengers who purchase any fragrance during the month of September. Last minute holiday gift? Sorted.

Now onto my next adventure! 

This post was sponsored by Heathrow Airport. But as always, all photos, words and views are my own. 


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