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Charity Jewellery Sale to Educate Girls In Sub-Saharan Africa

Monday 31 October 2016

First of all apologies if this posts layout is a little off today. My laptop broke last night and I'm trying to blog off my phone which is proving very difficult (this is already my thirst attempt as the text keeps deleting itself. Grrr) 

However I wanted to tell you all about a Edge of Ember; a London based ethical jewellery company, who are having  a charity jewelry sale.

As you may know, charity is very important to me. I've volunteered over the years at various charities and in January trekked across the Arctic to raise money for the Spinal Injuries Association. So when Edge of Ember asked if I could help promote their sale, I had to let you know.

Edge of Ember is a ethical jewellery company which design beautiful peices in London, and then get then made in Thailand and Cambodia. But fear not, these are no sweat shops. These are locals businesses, manly run by women for women to provide secure jobs.

As you can see the pieces are stunning. I'm actually wearing my bracelet as I type. They are excellent quality and so well made. I've already had tons of compliments over my bracelet for its unusual design.

So as well as providing work for women in poorer countires, this November all proceeds will go to Camfed who help educate girls in sub-Saharan Africa. There are 500 items (multiple of the same design) on sale, which if all sold would mean 62 girls coyld go to secondary school for a whole year.   

Take a look at the charity sale here to see all the amazing pieces which will help girls have a bright future.

If you can, help spread the word about the sale as I think its so important to help support charitable causes, especially ones that support women and education.

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