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Brunch at Bourne and Hollingsworth with Sure

Wednesday 26 October 2016

You must know me by now, I’m a girl forever chasing brunch, which is why I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to return to the most Instagramable brunch spot in London; Bourne and Hollingsworth. But what really got me running was that it was brunch with Sure and Dr Christian Jessen, you know, TV’s doctor, embarrassing bodies and Super size vs super skinny? I’ve loved him for as long as I could remember, and prayed my local doctor would be as understanding and cool as him (FYI he wasn’t).

So off I skipped to Clerkenwell.

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Bourne and Hollingsworth has to be one of the most gorgeous brunch spots in all of London. From its white walls and natural lighting (photography best friend), to the quirky chairs and rustic tables, it makes for such a cute atmosphere. 

Taking my seat at the table, it was time to meet my hosts.

Sure have a relativity new product (launched around 6 months ago) which is an anti-bacterial deodorant. Now, I know it’s not the sexiest of brunch conversations, but hold up. I actually have a bits of information that might get you thinking of your deodorant. 

So, Dr Christian explained that there are millions upon millions of bacteria living under your arms, and so it’s really important to use anti-bacterial products to fight off not only odour but also infections. Sure promises to reduce bacteria by 90%! So it’s the perfect thing to just slip into your handbag.

Now the conversation turned towards aluminium in deodorants. Now I have to admit, I had no idea what they were talking about, I never even thought to check the ingredients. Apparently most deodorants contain it, but there’s controversy around whether it is safe. But according to Dr Christian Jessen, there is no proven link between aluminium and the talk about causing cancer.

And one final point. If you fake tan, you are more likely to sweat, because your pores are getting clogged up. So make sure you top up your spray. 

After a good discussion, it was time to eat.

I went for granola, fruit and smoked salmon bagel. Mmm.

Oh and of course, I had to get that perfect flat lay. Shoot me, I’m guilty. 

Nothing better than a long, leisurely and relatively healthy brunch.

I've always been a big fan of Sure, so I didn't need much convincing myself, but honestly, I've found it the brand that lasts the longest in terms of less sweating. Which when you are out eating and drinking, is essential.

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and it was time to head home. Feeling educated and full, it was a brilliant start to the day.

This post was sponsored by Sure, but as always, my views, opinions and photography are my own.

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