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Canal House, Amsterdam

Wednesday 5 October 2016
Canal House, Amsterdam

Depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog for, you might remember my last trip to Amsterdam. A lots changed in three years, but Amsterdam hasn’t much. It’s still the beautiful, inviting city I remember. Today I bring you, in my opinion, a real asset to Amsterdam. I’ve got that fuzzy feeling when I have a real gem to tell you, for Canal House really is that. 

Canal House, Amsterdam

Last week I headed to Amsterdam for a slightly different style trip than I usually take. I’d gone with Dan (this is a very rare thing and one to grab onto) as he had a conference out there and I thought I’d join him as we decided to trial the “Digital Nomad” mantra, as this is something we are looking to do in a few years’ time. Take a year out of London to go traveling but still work.

I had tons of work to do, as well as a telephone interview, so instead of my usual city explorer, I spent my working day in the hotel. So of course choosing the right hotel was incredibly important as no one wants to be stuck in a loud, depressing place the whole trip.

Well, I was more than happy to have Canal House as my base. Set in heart of the fashionable Jordaan district, Canal House used to be an older 17th century merchants house, but now is a 23 bedroom boutique hotel.

The design of the hotel is a sort of luxe gothic vibe. Think deep, blackened wood, plush purples and velvet fabrics, which is my sort of interiors. It oozes class, old school glamour but still with an approachable vibe. 

Canal House, Amsterdam

Which is one of the key points of the hotel. I can’t stress enough how friendly and helpful the staff were. It’s funny actually as my top three hotels based on staff helpfulness are all coincidentally Small LuxuryHotels Of The World, hotels. Somehow I don’t think that is a coincidence, as if you read my  post on Small Luxury Hotels Of The World, you’ll know there is a 700 question criteria to meet to be an accepted as a hotel.

As soon as I arrived the receptionist was genuinely so happy to welcome us to her hotel and no question too small was a problem. Throughout my stay anyone I passed in the corridor would ask how I was and flash me one of those real smiles. At night they leave a little card telling you what the next day’s weather is going to be, with a little handwrote “Have a good nights sleep”. Too cute.  

Canal House, Amsterdam
Great Room, Canal House, Amsterdam

The rooms standard are ranked “Good” “Better” “Great” “Exceptional” “Outstanding” “Best”, which I went for “Great”. I honestly can’t rave enough about Canal House. My room really was great. I loved the period features of the beams and how they had been incorporated into the design. At first Dan did think it was a little odd to have the bathroom in the bedroom, although I have noticed this becoming more and more of a thing in Europe. However even he of famously high standards grew to love the, in my opinion, pretty awesome bathroom. 

Great Room, Canal House, AmsterdamGreat Room, Canal House, AmsterdamGreat Room, Canal House, Amsterdam

But most importantly, let’s talk about the bed. Oh sweet Lord, the bed was AMAZING. Honestly, Canal House provided the comfiest bed I have ever slept on. Seriously, on the second day of Dan’s conference, he actually hit the off button on his alarm as the bed was so comfy. Oops. 

Great Room, Canal House, AmsterdamGreat Room, Canal House, Amsterdam
Canal House, AmsterdamCanal House Outside Terrace, Amsterdam

I pitched my time working, between the dining room and the outside garden. If being a digital nomad means this can be my office, then seriously sign me up now! 

Canal House Outside Terrace, AmsterdamCanal House Outside Terrace, Amsterdam

My little hideaway. But seriously, how beautiful is the terrace? I bet it would look gorgeous in winter too. Can you tell I'm getting excited about the prospect of winter-y things... mainly hot chocolate and ice skating to be honest.  

Canal House Outside Terrace, AmsterdamCanal House Outside Terrace, AmsterdamCanal House Outside Terrace, Amsterdam

But fear not, I wasn't completely alone during the day. I made friends with the hotel cat. Two gingers just hanging out.

Canal House, Amsterdam

On our first morning, we discovered breakfast. Breakfast is a sweet affair. A continental buffet of pasties, breads, meats and cheeses await. 

Canal House, AmsterdamCanal House, Amsterdam

If you want something a little more fancy you can order off the a la carte, which when Dutch pancakes were on offer, well, come on, it would be rude not to have them when in the Netherlands!

Canal House really was everything I could have asked for in a hotel, and I can not recommend it enough. It's a real gem in Amsterdam. And speaking of Amsterdam I've got a little snapshot post coming up of my time I did manage to get away from the laptop.
A huge thank you to Canal House for hosting me for the duration of my trip on a complimentary basis.


  1. That hotel looks amazing! I live 300 km away from Amsterdam but I've only been once. This has to change... if only for those croissants on the picture and that super comfy bed!

  2. I don't stay in hotels in Amsterdam all that much, having family there and all, but I sometimes do and will keep this one in mind. Love it.

  3. :O this looks incredible! Kinda sad I didn't see this sooner - I'm going to Amsterdam in 3 weeks and have already got everything booked. Hopefully I can sneak into the beautiful garden or something :)

    Becca xx | The Après Gal

  4. What a gorgeous hotel, I love all the rich dark colours! I read the Miniaturist recently and imagined the house in that to be all shadowy and opulent like the hotel. Love the garden and the hideaway, not too bad a place to be stuck working! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  5. This place is absolutely beautiful! What a dream to have a home similar to such location.


    Aïchatou Bella

  6. Wow! what a beautiful hotel, The rooms are really amazing well maintained, I love the outdoor sitting area with full of greenery. Soon i ll there to enjoy all the stuff in Amsterdam.

    Kim - www.condorny.com