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5 ways to make the best start to your morning (for non morning people)

Wednesday 2 November 2016

I’m not a morning person. Period. I wake up feeling tired. I’m grouchy and according to my boyfriend I look “like a rusty old crow” Charming! It takes me a good while to feel alive, but there are certain things I do to give me the best start to my day and make me feel ready to take on the world. So here are my 5 important steps to conquer your morning.

Wake up earlier

It may sound contradictory when you are not a morning person, but you need time to wake up, get used to the new day, without being rushed off your feet and in a hurry. 

Give yourself enough time to get ready and also be able to take a little time to sit down get a tea or something and start the day in a good mood. I like to give myself a good hour and a half in the morning. It doesn’t take me that long to physically get dressed and get my makeup done, but I like to sit down, think, scroll through Twitter (well who doesn’t) and just mentally get ready for the day.

Plan your day

I think one of the most important things you can do to make sure you have the best start to your day, is plan. The worst possible feeling is when you don’t fully know what is going to happen, or you don’t feel in control. I try and get everything sorted the night before. Clothes, underwear (the worst is when you open the draw and there is nothing there- it happens), emails replied to and my to do list wrote.

Then when I wake up I like to go through my to do list, work out an order, and if I need anything. Then I check over my calendar and plan my day. It means that when I leave the house I feel confident I have my act together and I know how to win that day. 

Listen to up beat music

Again, Science comes in; where it has shown music has a physical effect on our bodies. When we listen to music, it has an effect on the autonomic nervous system, which controls things such as blood pressure and heartbeat. A study showed continual listening of music over a period of time reduces blood pressure and anxiety. Me personally? I like to listen to happy music I can dance to, and boy do I dance when I’m getting ready. It’s just a fun, silly way to fell positive in the morning.

Have something small that you really love

So many articles you read will say, “Start your day with a healthy breakfast” and whilst that is very good for you. I do also (and often prefer) to have something small that makes me happy, I actually used have a box of small chocolates and each morning I’d pick one. It was my naughty little indulgence, and it made me happy. 

So whether it is that, or having Nutella on your toast, or anything, just do it. I personally have become a little addicted to the Starbucks Caffè Americano (with milk) from their Chilled Classics range. I love love love coffee but I’ve only just discovered ice coffee. It’s the perfect pick me up in the morning to get me awake, whilst it being iced is a little twist on my usual hot black coffee. Plus the fact that it’s in a carton means if I am running a little late I can throw it in my handbag and drink it on the tube or even at my desk once I get to work.

Do some simple stretches

I wake up most mornings feeling incredibly stiff and definitely not with a spring in my step. I find that taking 5- 10 minutes to do some stretches (or yoga if you practice) really wakes you up. It’s scientifically proven that exercise gives you endorphins which are the bodies natural happiness drug, so the best way to start your day, would be by being happy. It doesn’t have to be anything intense or even a proper routine, just stretching out the muscles after lying still all night.

Is there anything you do different that gives you the best start to your morning? Let me know below. 

This post was sponsored by Starbucks Cafffè Americano with milk. As always, my views, words and photos are my own.


  1. I start my morning reading and driking coffee and of course the best part instagramming. Nice post. Great blog you have, stay inspired!



    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. I have never really had a problem waking up and have had to wake up at some odd times for work due to shift work. Coffee however always helps. I tend to get up showered and dressed and like to get to work early so I can sit, regroup and have my coffee and breakfast whilst there.

  3. I have to start the day with a coffee, tea just doesn't cut it before 9am, and a catch up on social media once my eyes are awake. I don't think mornings should start before 8am though.....!

  4. Looks good!